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Hi All,

Apologies for the new post but I can’t quite find the answer(s) that I am looking for.

I have parked at work this afternoon and when I went back to my beautiful Ioniq somebody has crashed into the rear offside door (and driven away), presumably while trying to park next to my vehicle. I have spent some time trying to pin our security service down to review the CCTV (car was parked directly under a camera) and have not yet contacted ONTO. I thought it might be useful if I could identify the culprit first but have so far had no luck with this and needed to review my home CCTV first, just to be absolutely sure it didn’t happen overnight. It didn’t.

Anyway, I’ll be calling ONTO first thing but what I wanted to ask, given that I have never had to make an insurance claim, and particularly not in these circumstances, is this:
What is the process for having the damage assessed? There is a good gouge on the rear door panel but the car is very much drivable and it’s essentially cosmetic.
I have the IC4H cover- do I need to report to ONTO, have them assess the damage then claim any charges back from IC4H? (I have reduced excess cover bolt-on thankfully).
Would the car be sent for an assessment right away or would they likely wait until it goes back in for swap? At what point would I need to pay the excess?

Apologies if any of these Qs are basic but, as always, your help is appreciated. It really is a sickener that somebody would just bugger off after doing that. Swines.

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Use the Onto app to put in a damage report. That’s always the first thing to do. Send in the photo and an explanation to match. They’ll take a look at it, make an assessment and get back to you with what the best course of action is and where to go next.

As for I4CH Yes you need to make the claim with Onto, pay out and let them sort it out, and then once the claim is all settled you can claim this back with the policy. Unfortunately the way that I4CH Are acting right now it may be easier to do a vehicle swap so you can easily show the car being returned. I’ve seen that they are getting a little more picky with paperwork for people making claims more recently.

As for your final question. It’s up to them what happens from here after sending in the damage report on the app. They’ll take a look at that and make a decision. Sometimes they will get the insurer involved. Sometimes they will just have it sent off for repair right away. And other times they will just leave it until time for a swap/return and let Gefco deal with it before it goes back out to another subscriber. If they deal with it now you’ll pay your excess now. If they deal with it later you’ll get a damage invoice upon return. You get 7 days to pay from whenever they do raise the invoice.


As always @Koda you are a mine of information. I appreciate it hugely. I’ll send a report in on the app and if I can supply any information on who caused the damage further down the line then I will do so.

When you mention IC4H being a bit of a pain- do they want to see that the hire agreement has ended, is that what you are getting at? If so I don’t quite understand why that would be.


No problem :slight_smile:
Just pop the basic damage report in now to make Onto aware as soon as possible so they can assess the damage regardless. If you are later able to identify who caused it then that could be handy especially if it goes through the insurer.

Yes. They have recently started asking some claimants to show proof that the car was returned, or to supply the return inspection report. They appear to be getting stricter about the maximum hire period. To make things as simple as possible for them, having it returned shortly after the damage seems to be easier. That’s not to say that there’s still plenty of people that are having claims paid out hassle free with minimal evidence, and not swapping cars. This is unfortunately what happens when getting these excess policies from an external company. As Onto grows in popularity I can see them eventually excluding them from coverage.

Let us know how things go. And fingers crossed you can get an idea of who did that. It’s really not fair to just drive off after doing that!


Once again, I appreciate the advice.
I’ll do what I can to track down the culprit…it is rather frustrating- I don’t mind paying for damage that is by my hand but a scenario like this is most unwelcome. Not to worry- nobody is hurt and everything is relative but it’s just a hassle I could do without and does slightly take the shine off what has so far been a wonderful experience with a fantastic car.
Will update as and when. Thanks again.


I sent a damage report via the app a few weeks ago, but haven’t heard anything back. Sounds like I should have done. The car is being exchanged today so i hope that the driver will be aware of the damage before they arrive…

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The delivery drivers are never aware of any existing damage. They are literally just there to move the car from point A to point B. They’ll take an extensive number of photos of the car to capture the condition at the time of collection, but that just gets fed back to Onto’s damage team.

Once it gets back to the yard, it will go through an even more thorough check, and they will calculate the repair costs. This invoice will then be passed on to you if it is outside of the fair wear and tear policy.


Makes sense. Thanks

@ChrisWhyte sorry to hear about the damage.i hope you caught the culprit. I’ve set up ring and nest cameras at home to cover all the angles at work there’s no cctv 🥲. Thanks for info as always @Koda library brain do let us know I did sign in with ic4h also but now my car only comes next month :cry:


Thanks @mibnay- still checking it but the police have shown interest so that’s a bonus, though I’m not entirely hopeful. It’s a rotten trick to pull on anybody. Would advise, if such a thing exists, some sort of impact-activated camera or sensor…I’ll be looking to see if I can find such a device to use from here on in…seems CCTV might just not be enough. Poor Ioniq- never hurt a fly.


Small update:
After initially thinking that the damage occurred at work and fighting over GDPR and access to the CCTV (you can always lodge a subject access request but this can take time), it appears that it was a neighbour who reversed into the car, took a look at his work, then drove off. He currently has a SORN van parked in the street that he uses regularly so that tells you something of his character. The absolute scourge of our quiet little cuil de sac. I had missed the episode because I wasn’t meticulous enough on reviewing our own camera, but a neighbour has also supplied their footage too. It pays to have a camera on your house- that’s for sure, particularly when these cars don’t belong to us and are extremely costly. Durham police now involved- they have been marvellous.


Frank: “cover me….I’m going in…”

And, slightly more seriously, good sleuthing… hoping for a happy ending in sight!


You can report a SORN vehicle being used here:-


You may already have reported the neighbour or you may choose not to antagonise the beast further. Hope all gets resolved for you.:older_man:


Yea - we’ll all report it if you don’t want to!! :thinking::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Thanks all- I have reported it twice and have kept the footage of him driving it. Not in a curtain twitcher kind of way (ok, a little bit) but we all have to pay to tax, insure & MOT our own cars, and indirectly through ONTO, and there are no exceptions for normal folk so what makes him so special? To quote From Dusk 'til Dawn, “this ain’t 'Nam, there are rules”.


finally some good news. Karma always come to bite when you not expecting. Good neighbourhood you have. I have always supplied my neighbours with some footage of mine whenever they need. In my previous address supplied with stolen motorbike and a hit and run. :sweat_smile:


Hi @ChrisWhyte,

Sorry to hear about your damage :pleading_face:

You can call us on 0800 030 6840

In doing so please choose the insurance option - You will be faced with additional questions to which you select “Owner of the vehicle”. This will take you to our team who can assist with all aspects, if a courtesy vehicle would be required please do request this when notifying us.

We will always to to assist as much as possible and we completely understand your frustration with the damage, I would advise reporting this sooner rather than later just so it is on record and we can get your vehicle a speedy recovery!

The main thing here is your safety, to which we hope you are okay!


Thanks very much @BenR_at_Onto - all ok thankfully and the vehicle was parked so I wasn’t in it, I’m just mortified that it has been damaged in my care. Thankfully they have admitted fault (with multiple CCTV evidence it would be difficult to dispute) and I have their insurance details so will be getting on with the process of reporting fully to Zurich today- it has taken some time to identify them, hence the slight delay (though I did report it to Onto immediately).
Rather unfortunate timing with the excess payment before Christmas but hey ho (ho ho).


@mibnay Best thing that we ever did was to install CCTV- it has covered a number of incidents over the last twelve months (not all vehicle related) and has of course taken away that element of uncertainty when something happens that is otherwise unexplainable (this being a prime example). Would recommend it.


Hi all,

Anyone that has an experience of doing 2 claims for the same car after a period of time?

I.e. Claim in month 1 from I4CH and claim from I4CH in month 3 of their subscription with their monthly rental agreement though?

Any issues from I4CH or all went well?

I reckon I4CH can see that even though we are keeping the car our rental contracts are monthly I guess so we are fulfilling their up to 60 consecutive days requirement to be eligible on their policy?