Damage insurance

Cheers kids! £12ish back is a nice chunk! Happy to help.

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Hi @jonnogreen, this is not something Onto would endorse or recommend as a product fit for purpose, so the choice is yours on if you want to take this as a product


I think @jonnogreen was referring to a damage excess reduction product provided by ONTO and whether it’s introduction is imminent rather than looking for an endorsement of Insurance4carhire.

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ha ha @E7EV, we are working in the background on having a product, watch this space, but I would not want to lead anyone on with timelines as this is not my baby! But as with all products we will let customers know as soon as this is available @jonnogreen


Hi @Carol.

Thanks for the response… well, I took the one year i4ch cover, so no rush! :wink:

There is a ‘feature’ with i4ch

  • Rental periods of up to 60 consecutive days

Does the OnTo agreement work within that?

Yes, because you sign a new hire agreement every month. You’ll never have a rental period longer than 31 days.


Just to add an alternative here, as some people seem to have questioned the I4CH policy as covering Onto vehicles as they don’t explicitly say they’re covered (unless I’ve missed that!?).

I spoke with icarhireinsurance and they confirmed in writing that their Car Club policy covers Onto agreements, it’s £69.99…so more expensive, but a “guaranteed” alternative

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I4CH does (currently) as myself and a few others have had successful claims for various things.

I say currently because at any point their underwriter may deem it to not be covered anymore, so always good to check before taking out a new policy.

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Sorry to butt in here - but what sort of things have you needed to claim for, and what was the process? I have an I4CH policy, I’m just curious about the process.

Interesting. I was with, and they refused to pay. I had been told on the phone that they would cover ONTO. I asked for recordings of these calls several times, but never received them. In the end, their insurer, ironically Zurich who ONTO use, got involved and paid as a goodwill gesture.

Good to see that they have changed their mind, but forgive me for being sceptical after how they treated me.


Interesting! And you had the Car Club policy specifically?

If I remember correctly, the policy I had covered both car rentals and car clubs. This all happened at the end of 2019. Halo was the company behind iCarhireinsurance and their underwriters were Zurich.

I guess the answer is to make sure you get this promise that ONTO is covered in Writing from them.

Good to hear of an alternative though, assuming it all works ok.

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Ah ok, was Onto pretty new and perhaps Evzy then? Their new offering may have put the cat amongst the pigeons for Halo at that point in time. I hope with having it in writing we should be covered!

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True. Any chance that you could copy and paste what they said. I’d be interested to see it!

Sure, it isn’t much but here it is:


Jun 24, 2021, 9:59 GMT+1

Ah ok, what about with Onto? Where you have a monthly agreement?

Michael (iCarhire)

Jun 24, 2021, 10:06 GMT+1

Hi James.

Yes we cover that under a car club policy.

Thank you.

Kind regards,

Customer Service

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You would need the Car Club Plus policy which covers you for up to 62 days as the standard policy only covers 30 days continuous use. Presumably that is the £69.99 policy you referred to above.

I do wonder though, whether in reality and according to their definition, that ONTO is a car club.


I have had 3 claims in the last 6 months and they have paid with no issues the biggest claim being £500 for a windscreen

Glad to hear that. And that was definitely iCarhireinsurace managed by Halo and underwritten by Zurich?