Damage insurance

I’ve seen a couple of threads. I’m looking at starting my rental on Wednesday. It will be a long term rental, and my only concern is if I inadvertently cause damage to my car (although it wouldn’t be anything intentional).
I have seen a policy for a car excess insurance for hire cars, but the maximum rental period is 60, after which no damage is covered.
Does anyone know of any policy to take my anxiety away?

You only ever rent for 1 month with onto then you get a whole new agreement, so 60 days will be fine, most people here including myself use insurance4carhire. I’ve made 2 successful claims with them in the last year

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As above, you get a new rental agreement every single month so you never have a rental that lasts more than 31 days, well within the 60 you talk about.

The only thing to know is that you must have an insurance policy in place before your rental period starts. If you get coverage after you get the car, you won’t be covered for that rental period and would have to wait until your next swap or renewal.

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Another +1 for insurance4carhire. Takes 5 mins and less than £50 to be covered. You pay for the damages and claim, they’ve been known to pay out as soon as next day

With insurance4carhire is that £50 for the year? Do people pay for the entire year upfront or monthly incase they don’t have an onto car for the whole period?

It’s a standard annual ‘multi trip’ policy intended for car hire agreements; so the payment is a one off and covers you for any rental or hire agreements you take in the year after it becomes effective

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It also covers you for any hires anywhere in Europe, so even covered if your on holiday in Europe and hire a car.

insurance4carhire seems to be the key one and signed up for them

Another vote for insurance 4 car hire here :+1:t3:

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I fear it won’t be long before they’ll add a clause to exclude subscription services such as ONTO. It’ll probably be something like: “The rental vehicle must be returned to base between rental periods and there must be at least 24 hours between each rental agreement.”

As more of us sign up, and thus make claims, they will realise that they stand to make huge losses on business from ONTO subscribers. The annual policy is £50. A single claim on an alloy repair is likely to cost more than that. And let’s be honest, even the most careful of us is probably going to be claiming more than £50 each year. It isn’t sustainable for them.

So, make hay while the sun shines. A number of other car hire excess insurance companies already refuse business from ONTO customers, so I can’t believe Insurance4carhire won’t end up doing the same thing.


I really hope ONTO bring back the excess reduction before this happens. I’m really not comfortable with the idea of possibly being left up to £1000 out of pocket for something and it would definitely put me off if I can’t either reduce the excess or claim it back on insurance.


shhhh. Don’t give them ideas. :joy:


I’m guessing it will be back seeing as you can redeem rewards against it

Can you? I Know it said you can redeem your points towards damage charges, but I Don’t remember seeing anything about excess reduction schemes.

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To redeem your points for a car swap or damage excess reduction , please email us at [email protected]

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I Didn’t see that one!

@Carol - Any more info on this please? Are we going to see excess reduction return soon?

@Koda we are working to confirm contract for a new product and we expect to be able to announce something shortly to all customers. Well spotted!


Sounds interesting. I expect it will need to be in the region of £50 a year, or maybe £5 a month, as otherwise I can’t see why many would choose it over I4CH.

Even if it costs a bit more I’d still prefer it rather than worrying about if I4CH decide they don’t like subscriptions anymore. It also means I don’t have to worry about giving £1K and then trying to claim it back, and the maximum liability I’d ever have to worry about would be lower.

Obviously I’d like a cheap price, but if that can’t be negotiated then I wouldn’t be put off by it personally.

I think it used to be around £30/month for the previous one they offered? That reduced the excess from £1000 to £350. I don’t think too many customers opted for it at that price, hence why they probably dropped it?

Edit: Looks like it depended on the model. It was £30/month for an i3 and £50/month for the Model 3s for example.

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