Damage inspection link?

I don’t suppose someone could copy the link and post here to the Evezy damage inspection page please?

I Got the text when I got my original car but deleted it after completion. I didn’t get another after swapping cars today, and there is a minor scuff to one of the alloys I want to report before I drive.

Also, is it worth reporting tyre wear? I Know they will only replace tyres that have ‘fair’ levels of wear and tear. Back ones are good as new, but the front ones aren’t too far from replacement. I don’t want to end up getting a bill if I need new tyres in a few months time and they point the finger at me saying I caused excessive wear. At only 7k miles on it, it looks like previous drivers have been enjoying the rapid acceleration a little too much!

The front tyres of Zoes are prone to premature wear. Some advise putting a couple of extra psi in them to reduce this.

Take pictures of the tyres for your own records and if you were ever challenged you could show the condition they were in when you received the car. Or just send a couple of photos to ONTO via the app. They can then decide when to replace them. You’re not allowed to repair or buy tyres. This can only be done through ONTO’s approved tyre supplier.

Out of interest, why the vehicle change? What’s the registration number, it might be my old one!

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License plate ending WHP, And I notice the address at the bottom of the plates is DSG so good to see they bought this car from one of the better dealers!

I’m not new to Zoes so know about the tyre wear but haven’t personally seen them looking that close to replacement at only 7000 miles before. Usually it’s a fair bit more than that. It’s due it’s service in December so when it goes for that they’ll probably be recommeding they’re replaced at that point which should mean new tyres just before the weather gets to its worst.

The vehicle change took place after the keyless entry device decided to stop broadcasting a bluetooth signal. They were going to give me a key while they investigated and replaced their kit or the vehicle but I decided to just save a bit of money and go for a ZE40 after not being especially impressed with the new model and it’s creaking, leaking, CCS Charge issues and a few little niggles like the preconditionig not working etc. I decided this would be the simpler solution.

I don’t suppose you still have the link they send out by text when you get a vehicle to report the condition? Or did you not get one following your swap either?

As far as I am aware, you don’t need a link, you just report everything through the app as damage and this needs to be done pronto when it’s discovered at a later date and at a swap or new subscription start.

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No I didn’t get anything. I assumed that I was expected to report any damage through the app.

First or second service?

No not mine! DSG supplied a lot of Zoes to fleet buyers such as Europcar, E-Car Club and of course Evezy.

Odd. I got a text the first time around about 2 weeks back with a full survey to complete, checking boxes to indicate what was present or missing from the vehicle, type the mileage, battery level, take a photo of the front, back, left and right of the car, a photo of each wheel, and then the interior condition too.

That’ll be it’s first. It’s newer than I expected as most of the other ZE40s from Onto that I had saw in the past were all on 68 Plates.

Yeah, I remember the one time I got one from Europcar it also had a DSG Plate on it too. Definitely one of the better dealers I have had interaction with. Especially when it comes to EVs it’s rare that you’ll find a team of people at a dealership who actually know what they’re talking about.

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You can ask Onto to resend the link via email for you to fill in again, that happened to me. I also used the damage button on the app as it allowed for more pictures to be taken.


I also didn’t get a damage link email with the delivery of my Zoe on Friday. There was nothing to report… but still… probably should do something…

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I sent an email off last night with photos all around attached so they have the same information as they would have got from me completing their online form. If they still want me to complete it and send it in I am happy to do it if/when they send it, but I should hopefully be covered either way now that I have timestamped photo evidence and an E-Mail in my outbox I can refer to later if necessary.

The more surprising fact to me is that an old ZE40 arrived in better condition than a brand new ZE50 that I had previously. Little chips and scratches on the paintwork, and scuffs around the front bumper and headlight covers.

So your ZE40 is just under a year old. Must be from one of the last batches that ONTO bought.

Mine was 18 months old, so wonder if they’ll give it to someone else or just sell it. According to the new agreements, cars should all be under 2 years old.

I’ve seen that a few of their 68 Plate Zoes have already been sold on so I imagine all but the newest ones will be going. They probably ultimately want to only deal with the new ZE50 Going by how many they ordered.

If they are sticking to cars under 2 years old I’m not sure how they are handling the Ioniq issue. They’re still all 28kWh ones aren’t they?

I checked my email the form was called a “Collection form”. This may have all changed as cars are delivered now.

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I think the inspection is handled by the delivery driver now. My delivery driver was outside for what seemed like ages inspecting the car, taking photos and making notes on his tablet. He was extremely thorough. I’m guessing the report is sent back to ONTO.


They’re going to have to keep some though, for the legacy hirers. They said no one will be forced onto (no pun intended) the new tariff because ONTO decided to sell their ZE40.

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If anyone is looking for a link in future it’s below

Unless they go over 2 years old and then maybe they will get a ze50 at the same price as before, as they want to sell the older vehicles to keep the fleet updated. There will be a conflict of interests at some point.

Today I received an email from Onto for damage inspection for my ze40 that was returned a month ago (owned for 9 months). A nice £59 bill awaits me. Anyone else had any surprise bills on returning their car?

Yes got mine late last week, disputing 2 out of the 3 items they are claiming, although total was only about £40. Shouldn’t be surprised to say I’ve heard absolutely nothing back since disputing with them.