Damage charges

Hi folks. I kerbed a wheel trying to avoid a pothole and wondered if it would be cheaper getting it fixed myself or if Onto have a set fee for wheel repairs?

I don’t know the answer, but I would comment on previous observations that - presumably through economy of scale - you should be able to expect reasonable charge through Onto

(I know that some will be cynical and suggest it might be inflated, but see this as a very unlikely outcome)

Anyway, commiserations - we’ve all experienced one of those “aw, damn” moments. I know I have :man_shrugging:


I paid £180 for two alloy repairs on an e208. Which vehicle do you have? Someone may be able to give you a figure for that car. You don’t have excess insurance?


As I understand it no, they charge the actual repair cost and use the best low cost solution they can find. Take pics of the damage now and you have a decision to make on if you are keeping the vehicle for some months you could leave the repair till the car is returned or have it done now.

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@E7EV I’ve only got the excess reduction. It’s a Corsa-e, and £180 isn’t bad for 2 tbh

@burnt_crisps2 yeah I’m planning on keeping it for a few months yet. My father in law is a spray painter so he’s going to have a look but I think they’re more diamond cut, plus the “spokes” are a sort of plastic trim which makes it worse 🫣