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Is anyone else struggling with customer support, aftersales?

I’ve called ONTO and emailed multiple times over the last 4 weeks, but issues remain unresolved. Everytime i’ve attempted to contact them again i’m either faced with:
-long waits by phone
-Emails going unanswered or upwards of a week to be replied to
-needing to explain the whole situation again

My suggestion for improvement would be to implement a web portal with ‘ticketing’ functionality. I.e. allow the end user to raise a ticket or a job, then onto will be able to see what has been dealt with and what is outstanding.


They definitely need a central customer support logging and query system, any contact currently relies on 1 member of staff actually doing something immediately.


Agreed… I have had a few issues that started just before Christmas, and I am still awaiting a response from them on a couple of questions.

A ticketing system could also help provide us with some visibility of what is going on too, at the moment nothing seems to happen unless you chase.

@Lily_at_Onto - Any chance you might be able to raise this with your CS team?


Same here. What offer for myself is perfect but their biggest failing is customer service. I’ve had the same issues as yourself. It really does need sorting.


Completely agree with the sentiments in this thread. Customer service is really unresponsive. I have two outstanding issues on which I’ve never received an answer despite multiple emails and calls (lack of locking wheel nuts and lack of shell card).


Positive customer experience is the only sustainable source of long-term growth for And I want to see succeed and grow in a marketplace that they’ve created! With any successful company that is growing at an amazing rate there are going to be teething problems, but this is where competitors can start to slide in.


Genuinely been spot on with me really can’t fault customer service on any level

I personally haven’t had many issues that haven’t been resolved but it’s clear if you ever need support especially more than once for the same issue nothing is centrally logged by them and it really does need to be.


Hi all - I completely agree with your frustration here and it is something (alongside improving the delivery experience) that we are actively working on. 2020 was a very tough year for everybody and a lot of our customer service team hadn’t had time off through the year, so our staff numbers have been lower than we would have liked over the Christmas period - with illness compounding this.

The team are now back to full strength and with a couple of additional staff that have also joined in January too. We are actively recruiting for additional roles on top of this as well. We do have an internal ticketing system and we are building the automated emails functionality, so that you will soon always be able to see your ‘case’ logged and the progress/updates on your ticket.

Please can I also welcome @Carolaxe - who has joined from Monday as our VP of Customer Experience and will be introducing herself next week. Carol has huge experience within this area and will be instrumental in help us deliver the best customer service possible and happy to discuss with any and all customers the best way to do this.

@Delverado - the three points you have addressed are unacceptable - please let me know in the coming weeks if you are still struggling with this, as I would hope this should no longer be the case (long waits on the phone, emails taking a week to get a response back and having to explain something again).

@technicalfault I agree with your sentiment that getting this right is core to any successful company!




We’d also welcome any applications for roles from existing customers, if it is of interest!


This is great news, @Rob_at_Onto!

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I see you’re starting to hire your own drivers. Currently it appears to only be in the south east, but if you ever need some in the north east (unlikely unless you start storing your vehicles elsewhere) then please do let me know!

I’m not the only person in this general region who has had problems with deliveries and collections as of late, and as someone with years of EV Driving experience I would like to think that I could do a better job of getting your vehicles where they need to be, on time and in good condition.


Here is the link if anyone wants to apply! :slight_smile:

From the job description:

Our team has grown dramatically, with offices in London, Leamington and Birmingham and overseas expansion planned for 2021

Where could this be?

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@Koda noticed this in the criteria which would mean I couldn’t apply. Don’t know about your situation:

  • Have off-road parking to allow for the storage of carry-over vehicles overnight

What exactly are carry-over vehicles?

I saw that too… I assume it is if the schedule ends up with you having just collected a car at the end of the day, or need to deliver in the early morning the next day, there might be occasions where you need to take the car home with you at the end of the day.

I assume the off road is an insurance requirement? Unless the issue is actually these cars needed granny charging overnight?

It is a shame that this is a full time role, if it were a casual / temporary role it would defiantly be of interest to me, especially as I am very available over the next few months with furlough!


I just wanted to post a bit of an update. I have received a number of phone calls this morning from the customer service team, and they have gone above and beyond to get my issues resolved, which is really appreciated.

My issues were around an insurance claim, and for what ever reason, my experience didn’t go as well as it should have. Although I am sure I can’t be the first driver to need to make a claim, I appreciate that Onto are in the process to growing, and there are always going to bumps along the road!

I have made a few suggestions as to how the process can be better explained to those needing to make a claim, and I am confident this has been greatly received by Onto.

Overall I am still a very happy customer, it is great that our feedback really is taken onboard!

:star: Gold stars all round! :star:

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I have plenty of space to store vehicles off the road, as long as I’m not expected to charge them. That land is separated from my house by a public road. Plenty of parking but no power! (Though I do now have Fastned VERY close by and included with their Shell cards)

I’m assuming a carry-over would just be something that runs over into the next day. For example if I got sent to do an evening pick up, they would probably say to keep it overnight before taking it to their facility the next morning.


I also appreciate that George reached out by phone. I missed the call but I’m hoping everything is resolved now.

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hi team, trying to use this threat to see i have any luck. I am still waiting for my Shell card to be posted to me. I was worried that it may have got lost somewhere so i have emailed twice on 29th Dec, 4th Jan and called on the 6th Jan? no replies to the emails whatsoever and the bloke answered the call says he’d pass it on to the relevant team.

Not a frequent caller so can’t say if the service standard have been dropping or not. But when I first started with Onto, the web chat was a really good channel for anything small, and the call centres were generally quite responsive. But over the past two weeks, the web chat has been saying “we are away” (though admittedly I was not checking constantly), while the queue for the call centre (just for the Shell issue) was at least 20 mins?

All I can say is I really like Onto’s idea and would love to see it thrive. But please don’t let scaling be at the cost of customer experience… eventually that will be the only thing differentiate you from the next copy cat…

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