Customer service with Swap

I don’t normally do this. But my experience recently with ON.TO trying to arrange a swap has been absolutely diabolical.

It’s been nearly 3 weeks now since I requested a swap and I’m still none the wiser.

I booked a swap then requested if I could change the delivery date which I was told shouldn’t be a problem. Then I was told the system broke. From then on I have had multiple discussions with customer service and just been fed story after story but still have no agreement.

I have been told by different staff that I have a booking. I have a vehicle reserved and my points have been taken for delivery cost but still no agreement. I have to wait 48hr for a callback. I have to wait till Monday to speak to the Bookings team. My original swap which I have an agreement for (not signed yet) is for Friday.

I have to say. I used to have only nice things to say about ON.TO but recently it just seems like the focus has shifted from customer service to sales and just wanting bodies in cars rather than keeping loyal customers around.

To me it feels like they don’t have the vehicle available anymore but instead of telling me that they are just waiting hoping another comes back.

ON.TO’s model is fantastic and I can’t fault it (unless you need a swap). For me it has worked wonders and previously I’ve never had any issues with swapping but this has been an absolute joke.

I hate having to publicly post this but I needed to vent my frustration and hopefully this won’t happen to anyone else.

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What car are you trying to swap to?
Seems an odd issue unless the make/model is in short supply as usually swaps are fairly smooth transactions, even with all the logistics companies involvement.

@burnt_crisps2 thats my frustration it was the e-208. I got the original agreement as one was in stock then asked if possible to change t delivery date which they said would be fine.

I’ve been told I have a vehicle reserved but tbh I highly doubt that as if that was the case I would have an agreement.

If they don’t have a vehicle fine. If they couldn’t swap the delivery day fine but I’d rather them just say instead of making me go round in circles. It shouldn’t take nearly 3 weeks to sort a swap out.

I work for a leasing company who also offer a short term hire model so understand the process etc but 3 weeks and multiple chats is an absolute joke.

@tomford will flag @Adam_at_Onto to redirect as appropriate.

@burnt_crisps2 it was an Adam I just spoke to this morning on chat who told me to wait till Monday to speak to bookings and wait 24-48 hours for a callback from another team :joy: hopefully a different Adam because that one said he can’t advise on anything.

He also didn’t even look at my account because he didn’t ask me my security questions.

Hi @tomford , sorry to hear you are having issues with you car. I’ve asked Hena from our complaints team to review and get back to you. Not sure why Adam couldn’t solve for you but suspect that it required one of the back office teams to resolve something for you.

P.s I haven’t been able to DNA replicate myself (yet) and I wouldn’t want to unleash that on the world :slight_smile:

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@Adam_at_Onto thanks Adam.

My main issue is I just want an honest answer and to know what’s going on I’ve been told numerous things and it’s taken so much time and effort.

If there is no vehicle that’s fine as it’s way past that now and 2 e-208s have come back and gone out within this time.

If you can’t swap delivery dates that’s fine too but just tell me that in the first place and not give me false hope or I probably would have kept the original date.

If you set completion dates on queries stick to them twice I’ve been told of a completion date on my query and twice I’ve had no callback, no email or anything it has been down to me to contact you guys.

I’ve been with ON.TO for a long time now and stuck with ON.TO through lockdown as a household we pay £1589.00 per month to On.To as we both like the idea of how it works and as we don’t like being tied down to contracts and 1 car it has been perfect but that’s a lot of money and with that there should be a level of customer service which unfortunately is none existent at present. I’m not saying all staff as some are rest helpful.

Is it too much to ask to just be given a straight honest answer.

I appreciate you passing on my message Adam and taking the time to respond. And also apologies for you getting the brunt of my moaning. I really don’t like public complaining but to still be waiting this long for an answer is crazy.

@tomford totally agree and I see feedback as a gift, it gives us the chance to understand where we can improve. I always try and put myself in the customers shoes and what I expect is that the person I speak with in CS (any CS) takes ownership and resolves my issue (ideally on first contact but I understand that this isn’t alway possible).

I’ve completed my assessment of Onto CS back in March and we changed a number of business rules and processes but we aren’t there yet. Our next step (in progress) is to replace our CS systems with a fully integrated one. We will change the model of how we handle contacts and this will improve visibility and resolution of issues. The principle is to route contacts to the right agent with the right permissions, skills and training to resolve the issue at first contact. We also plan to improve the app to give you options to interact with us (like live chat and be able to open a ticket (like an email but better :slight_smile: )

I’ve already shared the new IVR with the community and we got some great feedback which we took on board. As we continue to progress you will find contacting CS easier, visibility of what is happening and the ability to self-serve. This doesn’t mean you won’t be able to get through to an agent when you need them, we understand the balance and we listen to feedback. To be clear this is a journey but we know our destination and during this summer you will start to feel those changes (in a positive way).

I’ll share more as we start the transition.


Maybe something to do with the new affordability check? They could be doing them when swapping as they say existing customers can be
credit/ affordability checked also.

@Jimmi1 shouldnt be as I have an agreement for the original swap. Just not the change of date

Also it’s swapping to a cheaper car :joy:

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I can confirm we are not @Jimmi1 when customers are swapping. There is another issue we are resolving for @tomford.


Good to hear, but can you confirm or deny when customer is swapping and moving to a higher tier car , you will not do a affordability check?

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@Jimmi1 yes I can confirm if you currently have an Onto car on subscription and want to swap to a higher tier car that we will not decline you on affordability. Onto may choose to do this in the future but if we do we will communicate here and via our newsletter. If anyone has been declined during a swap I’m happy to review but it shouldn’t have been the case and may have been related to other eligibility reasons.


So the saga continues. Got my swap booked but now twice I’ve been told something by the online chat and then something completely different by someone on the phone.

ON.TO staff really need to get on the same page. This nightmare is never ending.

Update on the swap issue apparently the swap was cancelled and never rebooked in. Yay. Nice work.

The lady on the phone was super helpful. But now the saga continues….

Hi @tomford I am sorry to hear that you have been having problems! - I understand you have already been in touch however I have also attempted to reach out to you this morning - please check your emails and we can pick it up there if you have any further questions or concerns :slightly_smiling_face:


@Vince_at_Onto hi Vince thanks for the email. Glad it’s finally sorted.

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Yay. Car got delivered. Annnddd it’s full of damage.

Now awaiting to see when the vehicle is going to be took off me to be fixed if at all or whether I’m told to deal with it as most of it is only cosmetic.

I get it’s a year old but it shouldn’t be as bad as it is.

I Have to say this swap has been the worst one yet. :weary::weary::weary:

Oh no! Cars that weren’t up to standard used to be the absolute exception, but nowadays it seems to be more common. I guess that’s one of the downsides of onto’s growth.

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Also just found out that the person that told me that your mileage carries over if you drop a tier lied to me and i haven’t got my 1000 miles honored for being a long standing customer. Just when you think things couldn’t get any worse ON.TO manage to pull it out the bag and find something.

I think it really is time to say goodbye to On.To. The company is fantastic if you don’t need to swap your car or get anything fixed or interact with them at all. But when you do its shockingly bad.

I really do hate slating companies, but ON.TO seriously is it ever going to end.

I imagine much of it may be down to the third-party logistics companies being unable to keep up with ONTO’s growth and requirements. I wonder if they’re even managing to flag up the damage for ONTO to recharge to the previous subscriber, or whether the pressures are such that the cars are just arriving and going straight back out again?

It upsets me that we live in a society where people would even think it’s acceptable to return a vehicle in a poor condition. They’re probably the same people to whom you’d lend a CD and it would come back scratched!