Customer Service Issues

Over 10 hours on phone following windscreen criminally damaged on Tuesday. Its now Friday afternoon and ready to scream! every day off the road our clients suffer, and just keep getting passed around is there anyone at Head Office at all?

Flagging @Adam_at_Onto

thank you just worked out how to do that, bad enough the car has been criminally damaged and the ensuing police stuff, but to not even get a definitive date for windscreen or even speak to a Onto representative is making me feel my journey needs to come to an end

seems there are no windscreens around to be fitted! despite fact told on Tuesday that it would be fixed this Monday - any advice what to do now? @Adam_at_Onto

That seems to be the case quite often with all the worldwide supplier issues.
The solution is probably a replacement/courtesy car.

we have asked and then put on hold for 50 minutes to an hour and then cut off :frowning:

@Adam_at_Onto still no notifications, car still off the road, no courtesy card offered either?

I feel your pain.

When I got my first car it came with tiny crack that suddenly became huge. Onto arranged for a windscreen company to come to my house. The company called me to tell me they couldn’t do it because of the dashcam which they were adament Onto knew about, I would need to take the car to their depot many miles away. I referred this to Onto who repeatedly fobbed me off with promises of a callback that never happened. I asked to talk to a manager and was told they only work mornings. I called back the next morning and was told I had to call at the end of the day. I never got to speak to any manager. Eventually on a Friday evening customer services told me the car would be collected by the windscreen company the next morning for repair. They never turned up and when I called them they told me they don’t do such a service and had not been contacted by Onto. Eventually I had to renew the policy for another month so I could get an appointment to get it repaired and not be liable. They fixed the windscreen but not the dashcam. I ended up with the dashcam swinging around whilst I waited to get it fixed. They booked me in with Renault for 2 weeks later. I turned up to my appointment only to be told Onto had never contacted them and there was nothing they could do as the dashcam belongs to Surecam. Almost 2 months after I first got the car they finally arranged surecam to attach the dashcam and the job was done. 3 months later I was hit with a bill for £500 for whole farce.

As well as this the car I received also had a puncture and again they arranged for me to fix the tyre only to find the garage had no idea about the appointment and didn’t have the tyre. I ended up paying for that too.

I have so many stories it amazes me that I have continued but I was determined not to let any of this beat me. However, last year they sent me fine for someone elses car. They apologised and told me my details would be erased from the car. They haven’t been. Im now getting harassed from Renault for not servicing the car. I have never had that car. It’s clear Onto don’t care about our data.

When I switched to my Peugeot after my Zoe was retired I got another car with a puncture, another fake appointment to fix it and charge cards which were not activated. They again tried to avoid sorting it. When they hiked the prices last year they screwed up and hit me with 2 excess mileage bills of £110 for the same month. That never got sorted out. They just ignore you. Last month I didn’t get any loyalty points and was fobbed off with 3 different contrasting stories as to why it was and what was to happen. I never got them, nor the promised credit. On the 8th of this month, I tried to add mileage for every month so that I could retain my current deal. It didn’t trigger their end and now I’m stuck with paying full price. They were very blunt about the situation making sure I know it’s my fault their site didn’t work and they have no interest in retaining my business. I have been so keen on the business model I wanted to see it through until the end. It is clear this company cannot survive. They are not even competitive with their pricing any more

I really hope you don’t go through the same as I did.


@Carlsy Sorry that this still hasn’t been resolved. I know this was escalated on Friday. I’ll flag to the maintenance team and CS leadership to see what needs to be done.

I’d been considering returning to, but reading through forum posts, such as these, means that it clearly isn’t the right time to do so. I left at the end of August 2022, at the last price hike, after about 18 months with The biggest reason for leaving was the very poor customer service that offers, and of course the price hike did have an impact on the decision. I had hoped with the more premium pricing, that now demands, that they would have worked to get more professional customer service in place.

Fortunately, I didn’t have the experiences of any made-up damage charges demands or any other additional costs. They did try and charge me for delivery when my first car was retired by them and to charge me the new higher prices before August 2022. This did take lots of communication with for them to admit that they were attempting to wrongly overcharge.

I too, like this post, had problems of charge cards that weren’t activated and also a maintenance booking that made at a day and time when the garage was closed, and the garage wasn’t aware that were trying to make the booking (in fact never did get around to making the booking at all). I never found out from how they could make and confirm a booking with a garage with me when the garage was not open (other than I was lied to by customer services). Similar to the post here, I too always felt like mistakes and lack of care were my responsibility and fault. However, I don’t give up on things and did finally get someone to respond to a complaint I did make during my time (though it did take ages to get a response) and it was sorted by and I received a courtesy payment for their lack of care.

So, I do really like, and really like, this idea of subscribing to a car (over lease and own) and will keep checking these forums for signs of improvement in customer service. I don’t think it would be right to return to while they still show no interest in their customers.

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Whilst checking forums and other sites for information on customer service can provide some overall information about a company, you need to be aware that very few customers who have a great experience with services take the time to comment on any forum. This simply means you will find mainly dissatisfied customer comments, which in reality make up a small percentage of the thousands of customers that Onto (and other companies) have.

There will therefore be many hundreds of customers who have a flawless timely response and resolution to issues that happened during their subscription time.


@Adam_at_Onto up until now I have sung the praises of Onto to everyone, but since last week and the dreadful service received I can’t say I will be doing that again. It seems there is a backlog of windscreens for the Renault (what are the chances of this in January 2023?) and we have now been without the car for 6 days. Unable to leave the house to do the work I do with the community. I have requested a courtesy car how long do we think this will take? Incidentally the bill was quickly taken this week as well so 6 days of not being able to use car despite fact I have paid for it!

@Adam_at_Onto I need to be on the road how about I hire a car and bill Onto?

Just been on to Autoglass website and can book it directly from there - no issues about lack of windscreens etc? so why are you all having such a problem @Adam_at_Onto ??

Carlsy, I’ve just spoken to one of our CS managers and he is going to follow up with Auto windscreens and will reach out to you.

@Adam_at_Onto the car in undriveable too and doubt it is going to be sorted by working week i.e. tomorrow so can we arrange a courtesy car from you? really do not want to be hiring a gas guzzler

@Carlsy , understand that our cs team have been in touch with you today and confirmed that the specific part isn’t in stock and they are following up tomorrow to see if we can source from alternative supplier and get you back on the road asap.

Thanks for the feedback @gregster, we will learn from your (and others) experiences. We truly value and listen to feedback and will continue to focus on making the overall service better and better.

With respect Adam. That’s clearly just lip service. To make something better and better it first has to be good. Onto’s customer services is worse than any company I have ever encountered in my 53 years.

If you actually listened to your subscribers you wouldn’t have a forum full of disgruntled clients having the same issues over and over, people being fibbed off with lies and clients with dead charge cards being told to stick them in the post during a postal strike… This post is about a subscriber going through the same windscreen hell I did 18 months ago and clearly nothing has been learned. The answer isn’t to just rinse out your subscriber list annually assuming more people will come on board with a thicker wallet and lower expectations. You actually need to radically change to survive. We all want that.

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You do realise this forum, like Facebook, attracts a majority of people who have issues, or want a moan, and I disagree that this forum is full of disgruntled clients

I have only just left OntO, and have had no issues with Customer Services, or the service I received from OntO, and that includes the logistic partners, all have answered all my queries and dealt with all my problems professionally and in a timely manner…