Cupra Born Subscription

Albeit it starts at £699 and it won’t be with charging included.

Nice mention for Onto too. I still don’t know how Onto does it for less than the manufacturers are doing it for but it does cover how many people there are that just don’t want to own a vehicle anymore.


Nice though a Cupra looks, it is still “only” a VW - and it’s difficult to see at that sort of price (cf all-inclusive) point :thinking:

Scale, different business model

:face_with_monocle:…or, at least don’t need to.

This is an interesting one. I’ve had company cars, I’ve ‘had’ cars that my first wife (MFW) owned but I’ve only owned 5 cars - the last 4 of which have eventually shown signs of being more of a liability than an asset.

For me, subscription means capping those liabilities to a “one-month-mistake” (and that hasn’t happened yet :joy:) - but it must be different for others. Perhaps economic instability might drive the subscription model. Perhaps new technology will fast render having a car available a totally different proposition with self-driving “Uber-style” models to your door and destination at ridiculously competitive rates? :man_shrugging:t2:

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If ONTO brought in the Cupra born, i’d swap my ID3 Family for it in a heartbeat


Ditto! I love my ID3, but the face of the Born is just on a different level!


Pricey in comparison:

My lease deal on a born is only £396 a month

Trouble is you can’t directly compare a subscription to a lease deal, apples :green_apple: and oranges :tangerine:

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Well yes and no. Totally get where your coming from

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No - it comes down only to individual circumstances, IMHO.

So everyone is “right” when they shout: Hey! This is the best deal. :man_shrugging:t2:

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£699 or £729
fully comprehensive insurance with no insurance excess

800 miles included + option for another 400 miles for £75

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Thought you meant there is no excess if you pay £30 extra a month! In fact, it’s £699 for the V2 trim level, and £729 for V3. In both cases, no insurance excess. Minimum and maximum duration of subscription is 89 days. It’s a trial. They may have other vehicles available on subscription after that, but it’s not guaranteed, depending on outcome of the trial, I guess.


Oh! I’d missed that!