Crap app doesn’t update

How does anyone figure out this stupid app? Working out mileage left. Yesterday morning it say I had 169 miles left this month. Just checked and it’s jumped down to 5! I only went 2 miles to pick my kids up.

How am I supposed to manage my mileage if the app isn’t reliable? I can’t use the counter cause I have to log my miles for work.

How do you manage your mileage? This has annoyed me cause I’ve got 3 shifts left, thats 25 miles each way. Went from thinking I had enough mileage to now expecting a bill.

Not happy with this. Seriously considering my membership on here. Can’t even buy an add on cause I didn’t know I auto enrolled to a 500 mile one and I couldn’t switch up to the next one.

Simple, Reset your mileage Odometer when the renewal/delivery day comes and go from that

The app has a lag of UPTO 24 hours in my experience.

I can’t use the odometer as I need to use that for work

Obviously the app should work, but in the meantime isn’t there two trip meters in your vehicle? Otherwise a quick photo of the odometer at the beginning of each new subscription period.


Yeah their app for mileage is terrible. The first month I had the membership, it said I had used up all of my 1750 miles even though I had hardly done 200 and then the app started showing -1800. It was so annoying and the tech team couldn’t figure it out. At the end they said that I can drive anything close to my 1750 miles allowance and anything more in reasonable mileage so I am guessing +/- 200 miles and they wouldn’t charge me since their app messed up. One thing I made sure to do was keep them upto date with both the mileage on the car and the app so that way there was proof to show I had not gone over and not to get a big charge.