Covid-19 drive-tru ban of dashcam'd cars

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A customer from other online forum has raised this problem:

"Slight gotcha for Evezy drivers.
Just been for a drive-thru COVID test. Not allowed into the site with a dashcam. The guy wasn’t exactly helpful - wanted me to go off site, cover or remove the cam, then come back and join the queue to get in again.

Not sure if the Evezy ones can be disabled by the user? "

This is a very serious concern for all of us customers plus its health implications.
Could you please say something about this and how to proceed?


I’m the OP from the other forum.

I wouldn’t say it’s as dramatic as that! You can order a test online, go to a walk-in centre, take another car, or cover the dashcam before you go in.

Just a heads- up more than anything else.

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I might have been a bit too dramatic, but this could be a serious issue if it happens.

In my case for example, in Greater Manchester we do have an increasing rate of positive cases with a high lack of available tests (people are having them offered in north wales for example). In my particular case I only have access to my Onto car.

What should i do if I’m asked to drive to north wales on my onto, and when i’m there they request me to take the dashcam out or come with another car?

A sheet of paper and some tape should MacGyver it!

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Hi @alegar! Thanks for raising this issue. You can absolutely cover the dashcam to be allowed to enter the drive-thru, this is not a problem at all. Please just remember to remove the cover once you have left the testing site :slight_smile:

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If you take a Tesla make sure you have plenty of tape, there are 7 cameras to cover. (That’s counting the two in the forward facing set as one and not counting the ONTO one)

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This won’t be all test centres. I’ve just had one (a test) at the drive through site in Crosby and nothing was said about the dash cam. Mines right in the centre of the screen :joy: so you can’t miss it.

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