COVID-19 Delivery Delays

Indeed the origin point is AutoXP, Appletree Rd, Chipping Warden, Banbury OX17 1LL

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Thought that would be the case. Enjoy :wink: when you get it.

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Might take a little while. The driver’s pulled off to charge at an Osprey unit, looks like they tried CCS for a short time and has switched to AC :roll_eyes: (Zapmap reports issues with CCS at that unit).

Either that or they only needed a few minutes juice and then unplugged, but is having lunch at the pub :joy:


Should only use about 40% to get from start point to west London, so if it had 100% to begin with he maybe is just adding a few % to make sure it arrives with you on at least 60%.

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By the look / my poor attempt at being a private eye, they arrived at Osprey, connected to CCS, then went across the road to a car wash / other car park and now they’re back at the Osprey (but now someone’s AC charging).

If they called me I’d happily tell them not to bother topping it up to full charge but hey-ho, gotta try and focus on work and be patient :smiley:

Edit: car is on the move and now the AC charge has stopped, so maybe my first thought was more accurate than my later one! :man_shrugging:


It’s possible they may just have more availability further north - as long as it shows up - let us know when it’s here :raised_hands::raised_hands:

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Time to load up the TFL traffic cams!


Hahah that is an idea that never crossed my mind!
They’ve just passed Heathrow now so should hopefully be with us in the next 20-30 mins :smiley:

Edit: Or not, they’re taking a very roundabout trip between Heathrow and our place, North, South, all over the shop! Must be looking for some kind of facility (maybe a wash), doesn’t look like they’re heading for a charger :thinking:


Ever seen Ferris Bueller’s Day Off? :smiley:

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I haven’t!

This is the path they’ve taken so far, they’re currently at that little cul-de-sac where Google figures they’re best placed to turn around and come back out to the A4, which I’m inclined to agree with :smiley:


hmmm, interesting route :slight_smile:

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Must be following satnav directions, or the satnav keeps loosing signal (somewhat unlikely for that location). Have you got the car yet?

Yup I got it just about 5pm. Exterior pretty bug ridden so haven’t done much more than a damage check (grease stains all over drivers door cloth :frowning: ) and the main driver sounded pretty COVID-y so have given everything a good anti bac wipe down, then left her to charge round the corner at ubitricity for tomorrow night’s big trip.

Arrived with 64% (so ok in terms of delivery, just) but if I’m driving >200mi tomorrow I want to start with 100%

Delivery drive averaged 3.9mi/kWh, will be interesting to see how we go tomorrow.

Interior / infotainment I like a lot, after getting it a bit set up I think I’ll really like it to use.

Sad about the app being pretty poor but at least it shows me the SoC and that it’s charging!!

Edit: oh and there were 3 recent entries in the Satnav— my place and the two other random spots along the way, no idea what they were doing there but explains the weird detour!


Wonder if he was dropping off other drivers en route…

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Got my tracking link this afternoon for my delivery tomorrow, from BCA Oxford to Barnsley, South Yorkshire (140 miles) its been stopped in Corby for a couple of hours, driver taken it home before heading up tomorrow do we think?

Also BCA Oxford, do we think it’ll be new or used?

There is a BCA in Corby so probably parked up there for the night

Very interesting- I’ve not seen anyone else get a link day before! Promising though that you should be getting a car tomorrow, I’m guessing!

It looks residential but the BCA depot is 2 miles away so not sure how accurate the tracking really is.

Yeah it’s due tomorrow between 1-5pm, I’m convinced I selected an AM delivery but ah well, hoping it gets here before 5pm however as I’m going to the cinema with the Mrs in the evening.

I’ve not had any email from Moveecar just the text message with the link and a pin number to give to the drive, I wasn’t expecting it today thought I’d get it in the morning.

Just checked I booked a PM delivery :roll_eyes: my fault

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Almost certainly that would be the case or it was a ‘lift’ another driver and transfer to other location. All part of the logistics of delivery and collection :smiley:

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I found the tracking to work in the app rather than the moveecar tracking - I think it depends which one the driver has open. But be sure to check that too as I literally tracked him every step with the app :joy:

And I hope it arrives on time for you! :crossed_fingers:

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