COVID-19 Delivery Delays

Hi all,

Over the past few days, some of our drivers were getting pinged by the NHS app that they were previously in the vicinity of someone with COVID-19. Due to this, we’ve asked them to self-isolate for the next couple of weeks, which inadvertently may cause deliveries to be delayed.

We understand this isn’t ideal news, but your safety is our number one priority, and we’re taking every precaution necessary to keep you all protected. Rest assured, no action is required from your side, we will contact you with further information if your delivery is being delayed.


The main thing is everyone keeps safe and you guys are communicating potential issues with the community. That’s what sets Onto apart from other subscription based providers! :clap:


Totally understandable. Better in the long run if we all do what’s necessary in the short term.

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I really feel we should be given the option to collect the car ourselves if possible so we can be guaranteed to have the car on the day. Is that something that could be looked into please? @Lily_at_Onto

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Are they “your drivers”? - Fantastic if you’ve took this in-house, but from the past experiences, it’s been blamed on “Third Party Drivers”

Agree, 10000% in the event of a swap, even if it’s outside a GEFCO Depot.


If we could pick the car up if the drivers let us down this would be great, it is such a huge impact on ones life to be told a car is coming and be let down three times

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My delivery is due Monday and I’ve made work arrangements to go away for the week. If delivery is delayed I need the option to collect please.

Whilst I have a lot of sympathy for those expecting a delivery date to be honoured, there seems little hope in the near or even far future of ONTO having GEFCO, BCA, and other delivery partners providing a collection/drop off service at the delivery companies sites. Firstly they have never operated like this and won’t have the ability to offer this as it’s not part of their business model and secondly nearly all these sites are ex RAF airfields, so usually in the sticks somewhere and not accessible to the general public. On site conditions dictate mandatory wearing of high vis jackets, dead slow speed limits and are by their nature dangerous facilities with large numbers of car transporters and other large vehicles, trucks, vans etc. never mind all the cars.


A bit of a nightmare with the pingdemic going on and I can understand how it’s causing a lot of issues. However, getting a call at 3pm to state that the delivery due between 1pm & 5pm is delayed and can’t be done today after you’d specifically booked the day off work doesn’t give a great first impression, and doesn’t inspire much confidence in the service.

I was also meant to get an email confirming a new delivery slot… which hasn’t happened.

I must admit to being a bit annoyed. The option to collect again now that restrictions are starting to lift would definitely be a benefit.

Hopefully things get better from here!

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Thats a bummer for sure. Can you not get delivery to work or is that not an option.
Trust the delivery partner/ONTO gets it resolved tomorrow for you.

Really sorry to hear you’ve had a delivery not go to plan. It’s really rotten if you’ve had to take a day off to wait to receive it, which many people do :frowning:

Out of interest, what was the reason given? I know some others have had deliveries fail at the last minute, I’m not sure though generally how long they take to resolve (sometimes it can depend on the reason; e.g. if the car’s failed some kind of test and needs service/repair, it could be longer than simply driver availability).

We have a delivery booked on Wednesday afternoon and while I’m extremely keen for it, I also don’t want to get my hopes up too much in case something happens. At least I’m able to work from home though so I count myself lucky!


This is why im working from home on the day of my delivery, so its not a wasted day off, but mines not due to the 23rd August… so :crossed_fingers:

Good planning.

Mine was due to come last Monday. It got cancelled and rearranged to be delivered Tuesday where I was away with work. It didn’t turn up leaving me a little stranded. Rearranged delivery for Friday and it turned up Thursday.

Expect the unexpected.

Onto have allowed me to claim travel expenses for that week, so can’t complain.

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Successful delivery today ordered for morning slot and got a call at 10am from Phillip (I think) saying that he’d be here at 11am. He turned up at 10:50! I tracked him all the way too.

He was brilliant and went through everything about the car - charging, the regen mode, the cards and even tested the app “key” too.

Also the Zoe only has delivery miles on it of 50. Super happy couldn’t have wanted more to be honest :blush:


Hi @Tyson

Unfortunately no reason was given, it was just ‘delayed’ :roll_eyes:. I arranged with the agent on the phone to have the car delivered to my work today between 1pm & 5pm, and the agent said I’d receive an email to confirm.

Well… I haven’t received an email (checked the junk folder of course!) and the car still hasn’t moved from Gefco in Yorkshire.

Starting to get a little worried. I’d probably find it slightly amusing apart from the fact that I am now relying on this car arriving in order to get home from work, having caught a lift in :woman_facepalming:

Hopefully your delivery goes more smoothly!

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Give ONTO a call and make sure its happening this afternoon.
If its not, get them to pay for a taxi home or other compensation.


It is possible that things will continue to proceed without getting a text/email at the beginning of the slot, though I fully appreciate your concern.

If I were you, I’d probably jump on to live chat to see if you can get someone to check on the status and make sure they know you’re relying on it for transport today, if they’re unable to deliver then they should offer you compensation (e.g. taxi fare home); but that won’t get you a car.

My first delivery day I got the app saying the location was Gefco Sheerness (for London); at about 3:30pm I got a text with a link to track the driver which I think then means the car’s on the way.
It’s worth noting, you won’t always get a text to track the driver, it depends on who fulfils the delivery.

Fingers crossed it goes ok for you- I’d hope at this point Onto should be able to confirm whether the car will indeed be delivered today and if not, make necessary arrangements to keep you mobile.


Mine came from sheerness also - didn’t get a tracking text but did get a call at 330 saying to expect for 5 that day - showed up just a little after.

Usual rule of thumb is if you’ve not been told about a delay in the morning, Onto know as much as you do after that - difference being they have the ability to chase it up for you.

Interesting that yours came from Sheerness, mine (looks like it’s coming!) is coming from the midlands, just got the text message from Moveecar for incoming delivery.

Very pleased things seem to be moving :crossed_fingers:

Edit: And the car actually is moving on the map, phenomenal!


Is that showing as North Oxfordshire or some other part of the midlands?