Cost of Hyundai Kona?

I noticed that this vehicle is advertised at £559 on the web site. I’ve paid £589 plus a delivery charge of £49.50. I did try the online help but not resolved.
Is this some sort of reservation fee as a new customer which comes back later?

There are two Hyundai Konas – one is a “Premium SE” and is £559/mo, the other is the “Ultimate” and is a newer model year (it’s a different facelift essentially) and is £589 – I’m guessing you booked the latter possibly without realising? :grimacing:

Thanks for pointing that out Tyson. Maybe it was the lack of colour on the Ultimate and I glazed over the two entries when I looked this morning.
I do now remember deliberately choosing the more expensive option. It turned out to be the right decision because they delivered a brand new vehicle.
I am, however, still a muppet for posting.


Hah that’s alright!

As long as you got the one you were after (and indeed, getting a brand new car is pretty nice!) then that’s the main thing!

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