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Of course I realise that the whole business model just doesn’t work (both Drover and Evezy will price themselves into extinction), and we’re lucky to take advantage of these prices while we can get them.

That doesn’t stop me trying my luck and asking for a discount though :wink: “you don’t ask…” etc!

I won’t support obscenely-priced short term rentals either, unless it makes sense. For example, I once rented a Model S 100D for a trip to IKEA because it was the only drive I was making that month and it still worked out cheaper than renting a Drover for the whole month.

Maybe find me a car club with a Model 3 for prices that aren’t silly and I’ll be all over it :slight_smile:

Whenever I read threads like this I am so grateful I changed our business model so we don’t have to deal with the general public.


Aye. I wouldn’t fancy being on the other side of the fence and dealing with tricky customers like myself to be honest.

But that’s life, that’s business! Works both ways.

Cancel your subscription.

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Mate, just chill at home and bank the miles for a future trip (like myself and probably a few others are doing) or cancel the whole service if it is no longer working for you. We all have things we are paying for that we cant use at the moment, but people are dying out there and you’re upset the Evezy won’t give you a personal discount.

I wasn’t asking for a personal discount, I was trying to get a blanket discount for all subscribers. I bet you guys would have a different attitude had it worked :wink:

@kcrane why would I? I want to use the car when this is over, and the cost is neither here nor there to me at the mo.

How about this… As there are a lot us not using these vehicles at the moment, would Evezy be interested in having a scheme where perhaps key workers that really need them are able to take advantage of the spare capacity?


In theory all you have to do is add them as an additional driver.

Very true, that works if you know somebody well enough I guess… I would feel more comfortable with Evezy actually managing the matching, rather than just finding a random stranger to hand over the (not) keys to.


Also doesn’t work in secure car parks or home/residential charging. Do you give them the car park and charger fob? Do you have to be in for a contact free handover of it when they return? Do they know how to plug it in and start a charge? How do you show them that without contact?

I don’t think we’d mind covering the cost of residential charging for their usage, so at least that isn’t an issue.

Does the new driver pay a £1k excess if they bin it? Does Evezy cover that? Does Evezy provide alternative transport for you while it’s being repaired if they do spank it?

I think this will all be over before those questions are worked out… Nice in theory though.