Contract Renewal Price Raise

I just got my first contract renewal email for my Renault Zoe and shocked to find that not only have Onto started charging for the extra driver, they have removed my legacy pricing - a total monthly increase of £59.99.

Both increases Onto categorically promised they would NEVER do.

I can’t even put in to words how angry I feel about this.

I have been overcharged since the new contract has come out. I simply rang them and was immediately reimbursed.

I think they are having issues in automatically distinguishing between the two cohorts of customers. When I rang about not getting a 50% discount on delivery charges, the customer experience executive finished my sentence: “and you were expecting to pay half of that…”

They are aware of the issue, so a call or web chat will sort out the problem.


Thinking I might as well sign so I don’t get locked out, however when I click the link it goes to a Page Not Found. So now what?

Call them or use chat first thing tomorrow.

Was that in the app or email?

Been having issues along these lines too grrrr. Onto have now sent me three emails, all with incorrect prices. The first two also had my old address on (i’d told them multiple times in the past about my address change). When I spoke to them yesterday morning the guy just said “agree to it anyway and you’ll be charged the correct amount” however i’m not really happy signing a contract with an incorrect price on. They’re charging me for an additional driver (never paid this before) and have not applied my £50 discount. Does anyone know if my deadline for getting this sorted would be the 10th when my contract ends / starts or the 2nd when they normally start holding the payment?
Sorry to say that EVezy / Onto really aren’t the company they used to be, service levels have really deteriorated. I also still have a hands free Bluetooth unlocking box that i’ve never got to work but that is another rant lol!


If it helps, I was told the same. I had it in writing saying to sign the contract at the higher price and they would still honor the agreed price. Sure enough, once I signed the correct amount was billed.

If in doubt, use chat or E-Mail and then you have written evidence you can hold them to if you are billed incorrectly.

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My issue is that I’m in credit with them, so can’t check what’s going out of my bank account to confirm these adjustments. I was charged £419 twice instead of £369 once, and £49.99 for delivery rather than £24.99.

I think that as they’re trying to get as many processes as possible automated, they’ve underestimated the number of exceptions that would need to be dealt with by customer experience executives. They need to employ a few more until everything has been properly embedded.

Put @Lily_at_Onto in charge and give them a pay rise!

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Email. There’s nothing coming up in the App (Beta).

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I’ve also been overcharged for my first month, emailed them and got ignored a few times; finally they ended up reimbursing me, but it’s second month now and they’ve overcharged me again…

It’s annoying the amount of mistakes they make… :confused:

Since swapping to a ZE50 I’ve gone back to the regular app. I kept getting reminders to sign a new agreement, if I so wished. I did so in the app, but also received it in email form.

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