Complaint not being listened to

There was a recent post on here about how 3rd party suppliers are letting OnTo down.

I have ongoing problems since 28/4/23 and still do not have a car.

I have been charged £1,000 excess for what should have been a tow home and a mobile tyre replacement the next day.

The level of miscommunication between breakdown/insurance/tyres is too much for me to try write down.

It is crazy to think I’ve been without car for 3 weeks and I don’t even know what the next steps are. Very lucky in a way that I don’t need the car currently otherwise my Uber costs would have been quite high.

I have been asking for a call back over the last week or so that just does not happen.

I am only posting here so others can be aware of how when it goes wrong, it can go badly wrong. I’m the one who has in the past constantly been chasing to the point now where I don’t have the energy as I have just had surgery.

Onto, please review this and arrange the callback to discuss this further ASAP.

This is really poor customer service.

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Flagging @Dan_at_Onto who hopefully can help out.

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@FaisM Good Afternoon,

Thank you for flagging this to me, this certainly isn’t the experience we wish any of our customers to have and I sincerely apologise for the distress this has caused.

Allow me to take this away and I’ll speak to the management team within customer service and have someone reach out to you to see if we can get this sorted for you

Leave this with me!