Complaint about ONTO service and customer Care

Ive had a nightmare with ONTO so hoping posting here before i commence further action will spare me more time and effort. So here goes…

I had an at fault accident on the 15th of may, called driver line and car was recovered the same evening. On the Tuesday i was contacted by the approved repair centre who asked to collect the car. I told them it was recovered an to contact ONTO to see where it is. I chased the repair centre on the following Monday who still hadn’t collected the car as they didn’t know where it was??? I contacted ONTO who immediately washed there hands with it and asked me to talk to the insurer and ask where it was and relay this to the repair centre (great ownership). Fast forward 5-6 weeks after numerous emails and calls to ONTO the repairer called to say the car was a right off. Still nothing from ONTO so i opened a complaint…

The complaint process is still ongoing now (nearly 2 months later) after numerous emails and calls back and forth with broken timelines and promises i was asking for the following from them:

  1. Damage report and Invoice
  2. Compensation for the period 16th may to 15th June 2022 as i was without a car after paying that months subscription.

After many emails and phone calls i finally after threatening further action spoke to a Sami Al-Hasemi (someone who actually listens and cares at ONTO and should be rewarded for this) he managed to sort out point 1 for me on the call and escalated point 2.

Today i got an email from escalations team (John Dent) saying as i was at fault i am not liable for any compensation at all (so after paying £519 for a service not received i am rightly angry) which is ludicrous. I have replied to him stating this and also asking that compensation for how my case has been handled as well should be looked at.

Raising it here in the hope someone sees sense and can help sort this out.


(a disgruntled former member)

@Adam_at_Onto just flagging this up.

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Thanks @Janso i was about to flag this up to Adam as he seems to be very helpful.

Sorry for the delay @rossfield78 I’ve asked @Hena_at_Onto to review and come back to you in relation to this issue.

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Thanks Adam for the timely response. @Hena_at_Onto i would prefer a phone call to discuss once you have looked into this.

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Glad to say this has now been resolved, thanks @Adam_at_Onto and @Hena_at_Onto