Community feedback

Before I begin, I’m in no way suggesting we need to stop people from speaking their mind as after all that’s the whole point of a forum but I’d like to raise the following issues just to see what everyone thinks.

• I’m sure everyone else has noticed too, we seem to have a regular occurrence of “new” (which I welcome) users. Who seems to come on here complain and have their rant. Then disappear without even telling everyone what happened?

If someone else encounters the same issue, it would be beneficial for them to know what solution ONTO offered to them if there was one. And if there wasn’t a solution what happened.

• as @Tyson has mentioned other forums limit new users posts to avoid them spamming, is this not the case with our forum here?

• can we also request sticky’s for certain subjects like a new user guide, as I’m sure the whole question of “what charging cards, what apps” etc gets asked repeatedly and it would be easy for new users to see that.

I understand changing a forum on the backend may require a bit of work from ONTO but it would be worth their while, as it would save people needlessly calling their customer service for certain questions which have already been answered here.

Would love to hear everyone’s opinions and suggestions and perhaps point it in the right direction.


Definitely agree with your post @ajames


I think it need a section for Guides so that we can point new members to which has all the information on, and also links to the FAQ’s that OntO have created.


I completely agree - quite a few seem to have their rant on here about their serious/time sensitive issue without really having properly followed things through with Onto. As you say, they rarely update on the outcome - I presume that it ended up being a satisfactory one, otherwise they would be back for another rant…


I’d love to be in a situation where I had positive things to say about them, but sadly that’s not the case (yet).

Perhaps if the regularity of people coming on here to complain is causing a problem Onto might like to put more effort into preventing problems? One of the reasons I am detailing my issues here as they develop is that I know people from Onto do seem to be here from time to time and I am, possibly futilely, hoping that if my issues are public they might try harder to fix them.

Short of that perhaps a sticky thread for each type of issue may help.

“My car hasn’t been delivered”
“Why can’t I book a car?”

That kind of thing.

Then all the complaints would be in one place, Onto would be able to see them all without having to trawl the forums, and the rest of the threads could be less affected by the negativity.


I have no issue with you or anyone else complaining, the issue is when people come here to complain then disappear, which doesn’t help anyone else on the forum who may come here to see if someone else had the same issue.

There is a stark difference between what you have done and detailing issues as they develop, vs people who have come on here to rant then are never to be seen again.

I agree with the sticky, the only difficult thing is there being a fine line between there being complaints sticky and people knowing this is a forum, vs people coming on here putting something on the complaint sticky then getting annoyed ONTO haven’t responded on here quickly enough. Vs contacting them directly and complaining (which I understand is the first step people take anyway)

Hope that makes sense, but yeah definetely need a section for everything, including new user guide etc.


People often have little to say when things go smoothly (the majority of the time) but lots to say when they have issues, yourself is a perfect example of this, a long-standing customer who only joined 2 days ago to post your experience, which unfortunately was not as you’d like.

This is in no way a dig at yourself but unfortunately its human nature, people are louder when they are upset, so we may see more bad than good on the forum sometimes but the reality is there are customers like yourself who up to 2 days ago felt no need to post even though you were assumingly having a good experience with ONTO it was only when things went wrong you post (which is 100% fine).

They have a dedicated complaints procedure which if everyone followed would allow them to better analyse the occurrence of issues


100 % agree with this It needs to be very clear this is a customer to customer forum, and not an official support channel of OntO, although staff do post and stop by…

We have the same problem on the o2 forum, and we constantly have to tell people to call o2 and its not a full support channel and we can help to a certain degree…


Agreed ^ this doesn’t get said on the forum enough


Yeah exactly, and when some don’t realise that they get even more annoyed that someone hasn’t magically resolved everything after it being posted here.


Apologies for this long post -

It’s absolutely frustrating to see entitled millennials (or Gen x) make a quick post with a tantrum because they didn’t get what they expected and are completely unwilling to be flexible or considerate at all.

It’s absolutely irritating when a delivery doesn’t show up - I get that - but am I just being gullible because I don’t see the point in coming on here and being disparaging about the company you’re demanding a car from? Surely Onto don’t want a delay or complications or anything else the same as we don’t as customers.

Do people just not read and expect everything to always go to plan? If any of the phantom users in here read their T&Cs properly there wouldn’t be half the pointless comments - I’m honestly getting tired of it.

Ohhh my car didn’t come
Ohhh onto are lying to me
Ohhh onto want me to suffer
Ohhh onto are robbing me

If they’re so bad take you’re money and angry comments elsewhere- or is that just too inconvenient right now given the fuel issue.

I’m gonna lay low in here now - it was much better until recently with all these entitled brats complaining then vanishing when the car finally shows up.

Bet they’re all driving onto cars at the moment :rofl:


What post is that @Con_harr ?

Oh this forum was so much better at the beginning when it was just @burnt_crisps2 and myself :wink:

Seriously though, we don’t have to answer posts if we don’t want too. ONTO don’t expect us to defend them every time they are criticised. If we just continue posting positive messages and answer any newbies looking for advice, and not engage with those that are just using the forum to vent their issues. They probably aren’t even expecting us to answer.


I’d imagine Onto are quite happy when so many people jump to their defense. After all, the forum members have no loyalty to Onto. Its just that we are all very happy with the service they provide overall and want to show a balanced view to anybody that stumbles across the negative posts when deciding whether to give Onto a try.


That is worth a great deal. My personal experience with Onto has been pretty terrible so far, but the fact that i can see others have had a much better time is exactly what has had me willing to cut them a bit of slack and let them try to resolve things.

Being called an entitled brat for describing a poor experience isn’t massively helpful though in all fairness.