Collection of cars

So now that the government has lifted COVID restrictions, are we allowed to collect and return ONTO cars ourself? This would help us save the delivery and collection costs and allow us to change cars more freely every month. Any info on this?

No information on this yet, but I would be surprised if Swap Points come back. With 3000 vehicles in the fleet, it is much easier to use third party companies to deliver vehicles to people’s homes, for a fee, rather than deliver them to a limited number of Swap Points for free.


True but I guess it would be nice to have that option of collecting it yourself. Even if like 25% people choose it, still gives a bit of flexibility and reduces a bit of the monthly cost of the car. I would love to try out the other cars but find it a bit expensive to do swaps everyone with the added £100 for collection and delivery fees.

A swap is only £49.50 and you can use your reward points to pay for it.

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Don’t you have to pay £49.50 for collection and delivery of the new vehicle?? I might not have understood the rates correctly so apologies for that.

I suppose you could look at it as £49.50 per swap day. Whether you are just receiving a car, swapping a car or returning a car, the fee is the same.


Delivery, return and swap fee is the same.

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Oh okay, thanks for that info. I guess in that case a new car is coming for me next month😀. Bye bye to the DS3


How many reward points for a free swap ?

Oh, 2500 it seems:

2500 I think

I was charged for both the delivery and collection by @Onto-Team

@P26BOW did you swap or just return?

You’re charged £49.50 each time a car comes to you - so £49.50 for the first delivery, then £49.50 when they came to swap and/or collect if you didn’t swap.

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