Collection has to be done 7 days before renewal?

With Elmo, you can give 30 days notice at anytime so are able to terminate your subscription part way through a hire cycle.


Thanks E7EV - I have never heard of Elmo before today and thought that were the only company offering EV rentals.

Have you done a comparison of Elmo vs. At first glance, it looks like Elmo don’t include electric charging in their pricing.

Are there any other competitors in the market?

There is ElectricZoo and if you are very very quick Cazoo but they offer 6 and 12months only at the moment…

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Onto were the first to my knowledge and there are others, including manuf brands.
This is a relatively good list, but you need make sure you are comparing apples with apples….

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£10 extra a month for BP Pulse charging.

Delivery and Collection will either work out less than Onto if you live 75 miles or less from Oxfordshire, or considerably more if you live further.