Collection has to be done 7 days before renewal?


Hoping someone can clarify something for me.

I’m looking to cancel my Onto subscription and return the car. No issues, just a natural conclusion to the period the car was needed for.

I’m filling out the form to return it and I’ve got to the bit where it is asking me what date I want them to collect it. The form says “the collection request should be done 7 days before your hire agreement ends”.

My hire agreement ends on the 06/12. If I’m booking collection 7 days before that am I not losing a weeks worth of the subscription? Am I not paying (or have paid) for 7 days that I’m not going to be able to use?

Trying to understand if I’m misreading this because as far as I can tell I need to pay £49.50 for the privilege of losing 1/4 of the subscription period (~£134.75 on the basis of a £539 monthly cost)

I expected to be able to use the car until the end date, if not the last weekday before?

Thanks in advance.

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From the way its worded it suggests you have to make the request 7 days before the hire agreement ends. As in your request, not the actual collection date.


Yup, confirmed that on the phone. Thanks.

Perhaps a bit confusing wording?


The logistics company needs a weeks notice in order to get things planned and scheduled, hence why ONTO need to know a week before.


It’s just to organise the collection, not the actual collection day itself hope this helps


Hi @Durzel - as other’s have pointed out - the 7 day timeframe is only to notify us of your cancellation, as we need to then liaise with the third party who’ll be carrying out the actual pick up.

The timeframe is in regards to your contract end date, not the actual day we’ll come to get the car.

Hope that makes sense :slight_smile:


Yup, all resolved with a phone call.

I do think the form is a bit ambiguous though, but maybe it’s just me.


I have a similar question about cancelling my subscription. I want to cancel my subscription a week after my renewal date. Does that mean I have to pay for a whole month and lose 3 weeks of my payment? That doesn’t seem fair to pay for something I won’t get the value from. Also, I see that I can’t use my Reward points to pay for the collection fee. That doesn’t seem fair either.

You are better off cancelling on your renewal date and finding alternative transport for the one week after. Like a lot of terminations, you pay for the whole subscription period, so it’s better to plan around the renewal dates, or just end the subscription early.


Thanks for the advice and I will probably do that.

Feedback to

  1. Why don’t you allow customers to cancel their contracts with, say 1 weeks, notice so that they can cancel anytime rather than just on the date of their contract renewal? I recall that when I swapped my car for a more expensive one, you refunded me the balance of the cheaper car for part of the month. So you have the ability to refund partial months subscriptions.
  2. Why don’t you allow customers to use their rewards to pay for the collection service?

I’d be interested in your response.

You’ll need to flag someone at Onto to get an update as this is a community forum, not a direct CS channel.

Will flag @Adam_at_Onto to redirect as appropriate.

You can absolutely do that. If, for example, your contract renews on the 1st you can arrange for a pickup on the 8th and then only have to pay for the one week from the 1st until the 8th. You will have to do this before your next month starts though and ideally before onto has preauthorised next months payment.


Hi BenB - unfortunately that is not what I was told when I phoned them. They absolutely said that I would have to pay for the full month.

Perhaps @Adam_at_Onto can comment?

That is usually the case if you decide to return the car early during the current rental period, i.e. you have already paid for the period and then decide to return the car early. If you arrange a return in advance for say a week after your current period ends, onto only charges you for those days, unless something has changed very recently.

I just checked my previous invoices and have actually also received a refund from Onto in May last year when I asked for the car to be collected a day before my rental period ended so it was even possible to receive a refund for early return.

Hi BenB - but was your case when you swapped the vehicle for another one or when you terminated the contract completely?

In looking closely through the Terms & Conditions, I think this is the relevant clause:

11.2 We may, at our discretion, allow you to end the hiring of the Vehicle during the Period of Hire by giving us not less than seven (7) days’ notice. You can notify us via the Onto App, website, or by calling us on the number detailed at clause 18 below. If we agree to your early termination you will no longer have the right to keep the Vehicle and you must arrange to return the Vehicle to us within seven (7) days from the date of your early termination. The Vehicle must be returned to us in accordance with clause 12, and you must pay to us immediately on request all amounts detailed in clause 10.1. For the avoidance of doubt, there will be no refund of rentals due to you.

Note the last sentence!

That was when I gave the car back for a couple of months, so not a swap, but a return.

Hi @Johntiptop, I hope you’re doing well!

When cancelling your subscription, we do normally request that customers cancel at least 1 week prior to the renewal date. I would personally recommend cancelling at least 8 days before renewal, so that our team can process your cancellation with enough time. They would then ideally be able to book in a collection on your renewal date and we can stop the system from pre-authorising any payment. This would help to prevent you waiting for the money to be released back to you! :slight_smile:

With the reward points, at this moment in time, you can use your points to fully or partly cover the cost of the following:

  • Adding a mileage bolt-on
  • Adding a damage excess bolt-on
  • Adding a named driver
  • Swapping a car

At this time, we do not offer the option to use the points towards your collection and I do apologise for this. It may be something that is added in future and we will definitely take this feedback on board, as we appreciate it would be a great way to use your reward points.


Hi @Hena_at_Onto thanks for your note.

Here’s my situation:
My current contract ends on Thur 7th July. I would like to keep the car until Fri 15th July but don’t want to have to pay for another full month ie until 7th August.

What do you suggest I do exactly?

Hi @Johntiptop, we would unfortunately need to charge for the whole month in advance (as the payment also goes towards the insurance costs). This does mean you would either have to return the car when your contract ends (7th July) or renew up until 7th August to be able to use the car up until 15th July.

If you do have a named driver or wish to add anyone for the remainder of the time past 15th July, you are more than welcome to do so. It would be a great way to make the remaining time worth it! However, I am sorry that we’re unable to offer anything under the month at the moment.

If you do have any other questions, please feel free to reach out :slight_smile:

Thanks Hena - that’s all very clear.

Perhaps should consider being more flexible in future and allow customers to end their contract at any time and pro-rata the cost accordingly, which would be more fair.

Also, it would be good if Reward points could be used to pay for collection fees.

I hope you will consider these ideas.

PS I am a bit puzzled about BenB’s experience though.

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