Collection booked without my knowledge! Help


I hope everyone’s well! I’ve been with Onto for over two years now and really enjoyed the experience and the flexibility it allows. Yesterday I came across a flurry of emails that were in my email junk folder (appreciate thats my fault as I didnt check) with the last one mentioning my car is due to be collected on Wednesday. Due to Revolut blocking my card without my knowledge (irregular payments/fraud prevention) my rolling contract wasn’t renewed I emailed yesterday to explain the situation and asked if I could sign ASAP as I had changed my card details. Does anyone know if there is anyone in Onto I can speak to about this please?? I have a young family and this is our only car as the other we sold in lockdown. The person in Customer Services said its too late and the car will be collected and my only option is to book another car at the new higher rates which is not an option for me.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I’m really panicing now.

Many thanks

Tagging @Amy_at_Onto for you. Hope it gets sorted.

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Thanks E7EV @Amy_at_Onto can you help? Are you free for a call tomorrow?

@Amann01 I have sent you a message and have asked the payments team to look into this for you.


Hi All,

Just an update from my end. Was able to continue the subscription however they charged me for the collection fee on top of the subscription amount.


Good to hear your sub continued and not that surprised it cost you a bit more.
Logistics company would have billed as short notice given.
Trust you have permanently solved the issues and it doesn’t happen again.


@burnt_crisps2 thats exactly it unfortunately. If we cancel without giving 3 clear working days notice we get charged the full amount of the movement as it classes as a short notice abort as appose to a cancellation.

We charge a flat fee for customers for deliveries and collections but some of the deliveries can cost upwards of £150 for us depending on location. This is why we try our absolute best to stick to the SLAs given by the logistics companies