Citroen Ami EV

5.5 kWh battery
3 hours to fill with la cable de grand-mère!
40 mile range
Weighs less than 500kg
No license required (France)
Can be driven by 14yo and over (France)
£5000 to buy outright
£17 a month to rent (48 months plus deposit)
May come to the UK!


Perfect for my elderly mum this.
Currently trying to get her into a Mini E

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This time with English subtitles. I wonder what would happen if we allowed British 14 year olds to be able to drive vehicles like these!

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Probably as bad as the e-scooter craze, just a lot larger and therefore more dangerous.

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ONTO have ordered 1100 Citroen Amis to replace their Zoes.


Is it April already :mask:


My fourteen year old daughter saw one on YouTube and instantly wanted one to take her mates to school in!!!, I was like no chance you would die!!!

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I think we better let Onto staff test out the Buggy first.


Perhaps @Raheel_at_Onto can confirm or deny that this is actually what Onto are introducing this Spring? Two cars, one manufacturer, two versions of the Ami!? :rofl::joy::rofl:


@K12Beano - Happy to be the test dummy but I’m unable to either confirm or deny at this stage what cars are going to show up.

The Ami does look like a fun little run-around though & I would definitely jump at an opportunity to try one out, especially that buggy version :heart_eyes:


Shame you need a license for it here in the UK. Was thinking it would be perfect for my wife

But it would struggle up the steep hills by us and she will still find a way to crash it

There’s your challenge Onto.

£20 per month??


€19.99 a month over 48 months with €3100 up front. Other options below:

ONTO could probably do them for £199 a month.

The UK versions will include an adapter to enable charging with a 3 pin plug. They may also get an adapter to allow public charging from a Type 2 socket.


@E7EV - is that a cargo Ami :eyes::sunglasses::laughing: - words fail me :joy:

According to this article:

“The brand may also offer the Ami on a simpler subscription scheme that would come with a much shorter commitment period.”


£19.99 a month

Citroen have just released details of the finance options available on the Ami. This seems to be directly to those with reservations at the moment. I couldn’t find anything on the Citroen website. Deliveries are expected from this September.

24 month, 5000 mile pa PCP deal.

£2369 deposit
£19.99 a month
£5594 optional final payment