Checklist in the Help Section

Hi there,

I have been lurcking for sometime on the forums but have just pulled the trigger on a new Zoe Ionic. I have had a Leaf a couple of years back so not a total noob to EVs but so looking forward to getting back in one!

So I didn’t see this in the help section and think it could be handy for new owners and that is a checklist of what should be in the car when it is delivered.

So something like:

Shell Chargecard
BP Pulse Chargecard
Zoe Manuals

Etc etc.

With the Zoe, just make sure you have the car itself and one physical key, with aerial and mats (if it’s a new car these may be in the trunk rather than fitted in place) as well as Shell Recharge, BP Pulse and Instavolt charge cards. You’re also looking for the user manual, locking wheel nut key, and a red emergency kit. Finally there should be a Type 2 cable as well as a 3-Pin ‘granny’ charging cable.