Checking Mileage

Can anyone direct me to the part of the website where i can check my mileage usage over the last 12 months please? I can’t find it anywhere. I can see my current mileage allowance but i actually want a breakdown of how much Onto says i’ve used. Did try live chat but no luck. Many thanks

The only place any mileage info is shown is your account page on the web portal.
There is no monthly history, so you either have to log this yourself or ask Onto if they have the data stored, but I suspect they don’t as it’s all monthly based.

If you recorded the delivery mileage odometer reading when you received the car, you will know the total mileage by subtracting that from the current indication.

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I can see all the mileage I have used on the My Account page, it shows everything from August 21 till today…

I’ve seen this before as well but no clue how I navigated to it. Can you give me an idiots guide on how to access it please?


Login to my account and scroll down to the middle of the page, in between Invoices and Hire Agreements

It will show Mileage

My bad for not scrolling down the page… doh

I seriously doubt it’s accurate though.
I have 3 months showing zero used.
However totting them all up it’s not too far off, some hundreds of miles less than it should be.

Only accurate method is the car odometer in my view.

Thank you. Was using a chrome book so it wasn’t showing. Came up when I switched to a PC. Thanks for taking the time to show me. Much appreciated

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