Check Your Zoe’s DashCam Position

Thanks to @Kev for bringing this to our attention. Thought it deserved it’s own thread, as Kev’s original post is buried in another long thread!


To summarise, a screen mounted device should not intrude into Zone B by more than 40mm. Zone B is defined by the arc produced by the windscreen wiper.

The only thing I could think of using to clearly show the arc of Zone B was wet tissue paper! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

So my camera intrudes into the swept area by 40mm at the minimum point to 120mm at the maximum point.

I’ve informed ONTO who are aware of the issue and will be getting back in touch once they’ve decided if the camera’s position needs to be adjusted. I’ll keep you posted.

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I’m not sure this shows it (without tissue paper). There isn’t that much it can be moved, it may well intrude 100mm but the lens is only about 40mm inside the swept are. It could go about 50mm closer to the mirror mount though and then slightly higher.


Looks like yours is slightly higher than mine. My camera is entirely within Zone B. Love the colour!

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Lightning Blue according to the Renault app but it’s in the publicity material as Zircon Blue.


My second colour choice. Should have gone for that as Celadon Blue is far too popular :rofl:

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Fortunately, I don’t need to get the toilet tissue out, I have benefit of a dirty car delivered by OnTo yesterday.

Passenger view and driver POV below.

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You’re all wishing you thought of the toilet tissue trick aren’t you…go on, admit it! :wink:


Yours looks slightly higher than mine as well. It will be interesting to see how high ONTO decide to move it. I wonder if anyone has been prosecuted for a SatNav or DashCam too low? Look at all the YouTubers and motoring journalists that attach cameras all over the place. And then drive along talking to the camera!

Just because its not prosecuted, doesn’t make it less illegal.

It certainly wouldn’t pass an MOT (without slipping the tester a tenner)

…and look at all the Doris’s that drive round with a sat nav directly under the rear view mirror, obstructing a huge section of the drivers view.
I doubt they’d be prosecuted either. As a HGV driver, it’s a much bigger issue in HGV’s where DVSA Checks are quite common. Easy fine if your sat nav is in the sweep of the wipers.

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This is a terrible photo, sorry, but I would say the camera sits entirely within Zone B and protrudes as far as 10cm inside.


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Don’t think I said that it did :wink: :innocent:

You all need to go back and get the tissue paper and tape measures out. If something is worth doing… :wink:

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Just had the dash cam repositioned by a very polite and friendly young man called Arian. It was done at home, and only took about 10 minutes to do. He kindly checked that I was happy with the position before sticking the dash cam holder to the windscreen. It is now not only higher, but also nearer to the rear view mirror. It’s no longer in the direct eyeline of the passenger, and can’t be seen at all from the driver’s seat.

I didn’t need to be present as Arian had Zoe’s key. ONTO really do like to tease you. You can see the key, but you can’t touch it, and definitely can’t have it :rofl:

Brilliant customer service from George and Arian. This is what you generally get when the whole operation is done in-house. As soon as third party contractors are involved…


So is this a case of them sorting every camera out or do we need to complain to get fixed, clearly from above every camera has been incorrectly positioned.

You’d need to check whether the positioning of your DashCam conforms to the regulations. If it doesn’t, inform ONTO. The on boarding company used by ONTO have been told to put the cameras higher up on the screen in future.


@Lily_at_Onto could you make sure that this get’s fed back to the powers that be. It’s important to shout about things going well!

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