Check out how many miles you’ve all driven since we launched!

Hi all!

We’ve just passed 10 million zero-emission miles driving EVs at Onto! Thank you all for helping us reach this incredible milestone :smile:

We know you’re all ahead of the curve and many of you are early adopters. We’d love to hear your story!

How did we help you make the switch to electric? And if you were already driving electric before joining Onto, how come you decided to switch to the subscription model?


Hi again! We want to hear from you to create a series of case studies. This will also help us understand how we can better help you! If you want to participate, please do reach out to me :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Lilly!

Very happy to participate, let me know what I need to do!


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Happy to chat about this :slight_smile:

Thank you both! I’ll be in touch this week to set it up :smiley:


Let me know if you need more participants :slight_smile: