Cheaper Cars

Will into bring out cars around the £300 to £400 range in the near future?

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I doubt if you will see cars for £300. -£400 ever again,

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ONTO are looking to replace the de-fleeted VW e-Up with another EV at around the £400 price point. This is somewhat of a challenge as most manufacturers are releasing premium vehicles at the moment. It will probably be something from a Chinese brand, MG or BYD.

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Yes that makes sense. May suspicion is that they will increase the monthly cost of their existing vehicles. It will be interesting to know if customers will still use the service if prices go up again

Some will, some won’t, it all depends on each person’s finances and what they need to/ can achieve during the ever evolving financial world crisis we are in for the next year or so.

One thing is for certain nothing is going to get any cheaper for a long time to come.


Chinese cars will bring prices for EVs down from yr end - this will influence Elon and others to do the same

There will be many sub £25k, nr 300 mile options next yr - Some sub £20k 200+ milers too :slight_smile:

We all live in hope and cross our fingers you might be right. :crossed_fingers:
The problem will still be that of not enough availability due to the ongoing worldwide issues, coupled with huge demand for EV’s if they do become price comparable with ICE cars.