Charing point Parking payments

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Completely new to this, when charging the vehicles at one of the dedicated charge points do you still have to buy a parking ticket for the vehicle ?

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If charges apply, and there is no mention of dispensations for charging vehicles, yes.

This would be your responsibility, not OnTo’s

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It varies on your location. Some councils have incentives for free parking while charging in their car parks. You’d have to check with the local authority to see what their policy is, most mention this on their website. Any private parking will almost always be chargeable if you are expected to pay in a petrol or diesel car.

Zap Map may also offer some assistance if you look at the specific car park in question. They often mention if there are any parking charges in the location info section.

As mentioned above, always double check the signage in the car park if you have any doubts to save yourself an expensive charge.

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In addition to the above, some chargers are located at restaurants or hotels. Often parking is free, but you need to register your registration number at reception to avoid a fine. Be careful out of hours as there may be a camera and you won’t be able to register your vehicle number. Zap-Map chat is a good source of information as previous users will often leave comments on such matters.


There are 2 Polar charging point near my office both in car parks. One of the charges £3.90 an hour for parking and there is only 2 chargers and you can’t pre-book these.

It’s cheaper for me to pay for charging at other points as they include the parking.

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