Charging with Onto

Hi all, just to gather some feedback & see how we can improve our charging offerings in the future:

Which charging network do you use most with your Onto subscription / couldn’t keep an EV without access to?

  • Instavolt
  • BP Pulse
  • Shell Recharge & partners
  • Home Charging
  • Other networks

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Is this a sticky I spot? :heart_eyes:
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This will vary for all no doubt, for me it’s almost universally Shell, for 90% of my kWh, because I have Ubitricity round the corner (and no driveway) so can charge slowly near home a bit more like if I did have a driveway.

When travelling / on trips, I tend to find I use InstaVolt more, but I think with the Ionity / Fastned / Raw charging networks expanding soon that would probably flip too.

Shell also tends to have more destination chargers at the places I wind up parking when away from home (at paid car parks) though I also do plenty of paid charging at those locations on networks like Geniepoint and others.

:pray: Please don’t remove Shell!


Which potential charging partner would you most like to see as part of our subscription offering?

  • Gridserve / Electric Highway
  • Tesla Supercharger
  • Geniepoint
  • Source London
  • Pod Point
  • Life
  • ChargePlace Scotland

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@Raheel_at_Onto with “Life” are you referring to LiFe (formerly Franklin Energy?)
If so, they are already covered with the included Shell card (though I think they went bust and have been rebranded again-- I could be wrong) :thinking:

100% Gridserve would be great as they’re popping up at most motorway services and would make long trips a bit easier. If Tesla Supercharger opened up to the UK market, then that’d probably get my vote instead though.


Life? As in Franklin Energy LiFE? They’re already part of the Shell Recharge roaming agreement.

EDIT - @Tyson Beat me to it!


@Tyson you don’t miss a trick :wink: - we’re always listening to our customers & this community - some things take longer to implement than others due to a number of reasons - but others are easier to set up.

We’re hoping to clean up the forum to make it a lot easier - often times I’m seeing topics for the same things weeks or months later & it’s an effort to find stuff that you know in the forum somewhere - hoping our implementation of stickies helps.

We’re not looking to remove any - this is just market research for now - I think the Shell Recharge offering is tremendous due to the partner agreements they continually secure - it’s technically not just a Shell card is it :wink:


I couldn’t live without all three of my charging cards to be honest with you, in order of use it would be Insta, BP then Shell but as much as I hate to admit it I would miss the BP card because I have a local BP charger that I use when the Instavolt chargers are full.

I think Geniepoint would be a good addition as they have a lot of points in Morrisons (they do local to me not sure about nationally)


@Koda @Tyson - I realised after creating the poll - but you can’t amend a poll after 5 mins - so it’s just floating about now - thank you both for the update though :slight_smile:

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BP Has a huge presence and a lot of locations that would be convenient to many people (if they worked)

I’d love for a company like Onto to threaten to cancel their BP Pulse charging partnership. It would hopefully give them the kick up the ass that they quite clearly need right now, in the hopes that they will finally sort themselves out or risk losing out on valuable agreements like these.


@Koda I agree, the amount of times I’ve been to a broken BP charger in comparison to the other offerings is unreal however as you say the market share they have is large enough that I would miss it because when it works it works, with some work they could be a real front runner in the charging landscape with the name BP and locations, its a ahame really.

  1. I would have thought Onto has access to / could request stats on which charging cards get used the most?

  2. Very surprised that Tesla isn’t running away with Q2.


@BillN you would be correct in thinking that - but it doesn’t show what the customer’s want, only which ones get used the most.

This can be skewed though - as someone may have to use one of the networks due to their locations but rely on another one instead - what I’m trying to gather from this poll is more of what customers rely on instead of what they’re actually stuck using, if that makes sense. :slight_smile:

Also - it’s still early in the poll - there may be a a shift yet! :rofl:


As others will confirm, I do the surveys on this forum. This one has already been done. I will overlook your intrusion on this occasion :wink:


Electric Highway locations can be more convenient than Tesla. They are actually at the motorway service stations whereas some Superchargers are off the motorway and require a detour.

Also Tesla chargers aren’t quite as reliable as people first seem to think. It’s just that there’s often several of them in one location that makes up for it. I have found quite a lot broken or running very slowly.

Finally there’s other considerations for example the very short charging cables that won’t actually reach all EV charging ports, or the overcrowding that is becoming more and more of a problem at Tesla Supercharge locations. Not to mention the abuse you’re going to get from Tesla drivers if you rock up at one in another brand of EV. I’ve seen it enough at destination chargers to know that it’s only going to be 10x worse at Superchargers.

That’s why I personally went for EH over Tesla.


@E7EV my apologies - wasn’t aware we had a Poll Master in place - excellent. OK, well if you need one stickied or potentially stickies, DM me anytime - those polls help us out alot too :wink:


A bird in the hand etc… The EH is in place and currently improving. SuC network is still not confirmed to be opening up. Plus Toddington is/was an ONTO subscriber, but Elon isn’t, and messed ONTO around with the first batches of Model 3s. :wink:


I guess I took potential Tesla access to be in a situation where they have opened up all or most UK sites and undertaken site improvements where necessary.

Having said that, I still reckon I’d probably rather fancy my chances at a large Tesla site right now, with multiple 100kW+ capable chargers rather than at the current Gridserve MSA offerings - even if it meant risking the wrath of a few Tesla owners by parking in the ‘wrong’ bay!

Plus, Gridserve is pretty cheap as it is - so net benefit is reduced.

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