Charging points

Unluckily for me none of the BP pulse or shell rapid 47kwh or higher chargers are anywhere near me (not within 20 miles).

Does anyone know of any charge cards, deals or “goods ways” to use instavolt or genepoint?

Thanks everyone
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If you use the Instavolt app you can register with the referral code 3cOvh (Thank @E7EV For that code, it’s not mine) to get £5 of free charging credit. Otherwise you can just use Instavolt with a contactless credit card. There aren’t really any deals or discounts for that network.

Geniepoint is very much the same. No special offers but you can link an existing RFID Card of your own to the account so you don’t have to use the website or app each time. If you don’t have your own card they will sell you one.

Are they the only options in your area? Remember it’s not just Polar and Shell. Those cards actually give access to many more networks:
CYC (Charge Your Car)
BP Pulse
Shell Recharge
New Motion
Alfa Power
EV Box
Franklin LiFE
Grønn Kontakt
Has To Be

I Know that ONTO Do also have cards for Geniepoint that they give to their RentE PHV customers. You can always try asking if you could swap your card for one. But to my knowledge I don’t think anyone has successfully managed to get them to agree to swap yet.

Finally, don’t worry about getting a high powered charger. You have an Ioniq 38 if I’m not mistaken? They can’t charge at more than about 40kW peak anyways.


@Koda thanks for the great reply.

Yeah I’ve seen that list.
Instavolt chargers are on the charge point inc network but not for us to use. Just actual charge point ones.

All the accessible chargers points come up on the shell app but none near me unfortunately.

I’ll be fine.

Thank you for the great reply.


It’s worth double checking that vs Plugshare and Zap Map. A few of the chargers don’t show up on Shell’s app because the marker is in the completely wrong location. Also the chargers that are part of the CYC Network don’t always show up on Polar’s map either. So if you haven’t confirmed against the 2 mapping websites above I would recommend it.

I Don’t think anyone has quite managed to work out the exact link between Chargepoint and Instavolt. The Shell cards SHOULD work but don’t. Interestingly their support staff also seem to think they should work too and have offered me a free vend when first trying and failing to use such a card on these chargers.

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