Charging Incompatible

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I have an Audi Q4. I am charging without any issues at Instavolt points. However, l have been unable to charge at charging points like Aldi and at other provided for charging points that don’t require payment. It says ‘Charging is not Compatible’. I’m wondering if anyone else has had this? Is my car incompatible with these charging points?

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Pretty certain all free charging at supermarkets has ceased. Certainly Tesco/podpoint stopped last Nov22 and fairly certain all the other Lidl/Aldi/Waitrose chargers are not free anymore.

If you are using Instavolt then you will be DC charging at a 50 kW charger which has its own CCS cable which you plug into the Audi, whereas nearly all the supermarkets will have AC 7 kW chargers and you need to use the provided cable (type2) to connect to the charger.

This means it’s possible that your type2 cable is faulty, so it would be worth going to say a Tesco podpoint and trying it there.
You may get the first 15mins free, as the system needs you to have the podpoint app and ‘confirm’ the charge to continue past 15mins. It is payg 28p/kWh
If it fails then the cable is probably faulty. If someone else is charging also, you might ask if they would allow you to test with their cable to confirm.


Heh Burnt Crisps. Thank you for replying. That’s really good advice. I’ll see if l can try another cable first. Thank you! :heart_eyes:

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And if another cable still fails to work (that is known to be good) then it must be the cars onboard charger that is faulty. That will mean it needs fixing at your local Audi dealer via driverline.

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So… the charging cable works. I was able to charge at a Pod Point… It must be 2 faulty charging points then or maybe they weren’t switched on. Thanks Burnt Crisps.


Just to confirm, that you need to sign up to the chargers at Aldi and other such places these days

Dont source a new charger as this wont be the issue