Charging in Ireland

Does anyone have any experience of charging an EV in Ireland? I notice that according to Zapmap there are lots of ESB ecar chargers in Ireland. Can anyone confirm that the Shell RFID card provided by work on these chargers (I know that in the UK you can use the Shell card on ESB chargers, but the name is slightly different in Ireland!).

It will be like it is in the rest of Europe, Shell Recharge tap and go (All points you can use will be in the Shell Recharge app)

Make sure you have the card registered to the app as some chargers won’t have RFID readers and will need to be started through the app

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Just out of curiosity is the ROI classed as “taking the car outside of the UK” and therefore permission is required from Onto??
Especially now as UK has left the EU

Don’t think you can even go to NI without permission.

I’ll take the ferry and my free train to Norn Iron as usually still hungover on way back :grinning:

Brilliant Kev - many thanks.

Have just got back from the Irish Republic. I can confirm that the Shell Recharge card is compatible with the ESB ecar chargers over there. I set up the Shell app on the phone, linked it to my onto card but needn’t have bothered, as the card worked fine. Also went to the trouble of setting up a pay-as-you-go ESB card just in case, but it wasn’t necessary. All chargers used were ESB, except for one random Ionity charger just south of Dublin. Overall charging experience was excellent. As always, plan your journeys and your day in advance to minimise anxiety. Best wishes.

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