Charging help

Get the 208 tomorrow very excited !

In regards to charging I know we get the cards which give us free use of the charge points ,

My question is , the car park opposite me is 24hrs and free to park in the evenings ( which is when I will be using it ) , it has charge points inside it , am I right in thinking it’s going to be free for me to charge the vehicle over night ?

Obviously normally I’d have to buy a parking ticket in the day but being evening it’s free plus the free use of the charge card so just double checking , is this a stupid question! :man_facepalming:

Parking will be your own expense but if its free at those times no need to worry about that.

All charging is included with ONTO as long as its on a participating charge network. All you may be liable for is an overstay charge, so always check the signage and/or app to avoid this!

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You’ll have to check the charging hours of the car park, and whether there’s a maximum stay. Also check whether there’s a maximum stay on the chargers, but otherwise that should be fine.

As a courtesy to other EV drivers, do make sure you move the car when charging is complete.

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You also need to check what the charging network is in the car park and if it is covered with the ONTO subscription model or free to charge in general ??

Brilliant thanks , lol yeah I wasn’t planning on hogging it all night there is only 4 points

Thanks , yeah it’s part of the BP Pulse network according to the map

Do you know how quickly this charger will charge?

It will do 7.2KW which means 7.2 kw per hour which equates to about 25 miles range per hour of charging.

Charging speed can depend on things such as your state of charge, temperature etc. But you could expect a 7kW charging point to take an e208 from 0 to 100% in about 7.5hrs according to Peugeot’s website.

Yes as others have said a good few hours from empty, the great thing for you with it being literally across from you is you can keep the car topped up daily.

Yeah it’s worked out really well it’s literally the other side of my road , and by the time I get home from work parking is free so not to bad

Taking a look at Zap Map, one of the comments suggests that this location regularly gets ICEd due to the charging bays not being marked as EV only parking.

That said, you have plenty of other options for charging in your general area, including a number of 50kW rapid chargers too for when you need a quick top up instead.

Unrelated but what do you think of the 208 so far? I’m getting mine on Friday. Thanks in advance!

There are some posts about the pros and cons of the e208 in this thread (before it went off topic!)

Folks generally seem to like it but don’t love the lack of range (especially in this cold weather), lack of adaptive cruise control, and (for some folks) lack of built in sat nav. Otherwise I think mostly satisfied customers.


I’m having problems with my local rapid charger, twice I’ve been there and both times someone has been using it before me and when I go to use it, it says card not verified please use a different card. I only have the BP Pulse card. I called the chargers customer service and they said it had communication issues, so they couldn’t help me. I ended up having to drive up to Leytonstone and my card worked fine there. Am I missing something? The charger itself is at The George on the A2 and it says Polar on it, I think it’s called a chargemaster.

Chargemaster/Polar/Pulse/BP Is all the same company so don’t worry about that. They just suck so much that they have to keep changing their name!

Take a look at Zap Map comments. Are other people having the same problems at that charger?

Also you mentioned when you spoke to them the charge point was having communication issues and this could be the reason for your problems, I’m pretty sure when you use an account card it communicates with BP’s servers to verify it’s still active etc, so this maybe failing.


Yeah, the Ultracharge units annoyingly force authentication every time even if you have a RFID Card. Unlike other units which would either give you a free vend or store the card details to bill you later, these machines just give you an error if there are communication issues.

If it’s the pub at Singlewell, then according to Zap-Map chat there have been issues with this rapid in the last week. There are plenty of others you could try that are a lot nearer than Leytonstone! Which one did you try there? Have you got a Shell Card as well?

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Yes that’s the one. I have read the comments but this morning there was someone successfully charging before me and then again yesterday. So I just find it odd.

I’ve also tried the one at the hotel in Bexleyheath, that’s got no power. The same issue as Singlewell also happened at the chargemaster off the A2 near Eltham, there was someone charging before me and then I went to swipe my card and same issue.