Charging finished when using tesla ccs?

Hi, trying to charge the Peugeot 208 gt using a tesla ccs I read somewhere that they should work but it’s coming up saying that charging is finished as soon as its plugged in.

Any help.

Charging a non-Tesla only works on some destination chargers, and as far as I know none of them have a CCS connector.

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Some chargers seem to cause that notification (happens to me at Osprey). I have to stand outside the car and lock and unlock the doors a couple times waiting a few seconds between each press then eventually it’ll kick in! Maybe try that next time. :sweat_smile:

Agree with @lgrok. What is the location of the charger in question?

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All UK Tesla CCS chargers will NOT allow any non-Tesla to charge.

There were some reports about it being possible on the V3 chargers, but that was soon fixed. There are none in the UK but they are doing a trial in another EU country, can’t remember which.

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