Charging Curves for EVs on the Fleet

Useful to know when the speed is throttled and thus the best SoC to stop at.

Renault Megane, Tesla Model 3 and VW ID.3

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Oooo. - Interesting comparison.

Actually just shows my nerdy side :nerd_face:

Well, I’m scheduling to do 600 miles / 1,000km in one day in the Meggy, so we’ll have to see how that goes in practice! I know at 40-60% it’s charging at about double the rate of a Mokka-e in the cold!

Thanks for that, one @E7EV

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Fiat 500e and Citroen e-C4

For the 500e, from 10 to 75%, the average charging speed is 60kW, or 1kWh added per minute. From 85%, power is throttled to 13kW, so best to stop charging between 75 and 85% and move on to the next planned charging stop.


Good to know, I’ve got one coming in a few weeks. Quite excited to get a cabriolet!

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You spoil us, Mr Ambassador!

The Fiat looks pretty good (as does the e-C4….wonder if I’ll get around to trying one of those next!)

I wonder if the fabric top affects efficiency and means you’ll be a few tenths down on your mpkWh figure compared to the hardtop version.


I guess so. What’s the stereo like? Will I be able to drive round blurting out objectionable rap music so everyone knows I’m having a mid-life crisis?


Nothing special. Got a feeling there are no speakers in the back.

Dig out your ghetto blaster and put it on the back seat! (Using the seatbelts to anchor it down)!

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Had a girlfriend once with a pair of Wharfdales fastened to the parcel shelf :rofl:


Another video of the 500e charging from 8 to 99%. It did 8 to 85% in 29 minutes adding 29 kWh. Again an average of 60 kW with a peak of 85kW.


Don’t even bother testing DS3.

Was plugged into a 100kW MFG charger (it’s highest rate) at 15% and it was charging at 33kW at 5° outside.

Last summer when it was 35° I did hit 99kW on a BP Pulse charger after driving over 100 miles on the motorway though

These charging experiments are done under ideal conditions with a warm battery and a well performing charger.

I was only getting 15kW at an MSG charger the other day, so charging speed is very much temperature dependent.



My disappointment level with Stellantis Rash cars is not so much battery size and range, but that the chemistry and battery management is such that, even relatively mild, cold weather is enough to be dragging that charging curve down.

That’s quite a big factor in my satisfaction with the Migraine, because it literally is no headache when you can get the battery pre-heated for arrival at the charger in the 10-20% zone. Yesterday I hadn’t driven far enough and I think I was only getting 60-ish at about 20%, for example.

My BIG question is how we can simply and effectively convey this nugget of information to the “less-than-expert-newcomers” who deserve to know the truth, the practical limitations, and yet not be put off - after all we can understand the full experience :man_shrugging:t2:

“How I learned to stop worrying and love the charging curve” :bomb:

I find the MFG chargers and the Meggy don’t get along as well as with the instavolts and ionity, in terms of charging speeds. Too many variables to be sure so it’s more of a suspicion :sweat_smile:

Interesting - my imminent road trip will, no doubt, feature a variety of chargers - different units and certainly some different CPOs.

I may just capture some info as I go along and see if I can notice any trends….:thinking: (nothing particularly scientific mind!)

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The MFG I’ve seen seem to limit anything above 100kW to 800V.

Anything 400V just takes 100kW or much less as seems to be the case whenever I’ve tried it. Even when it’s been like 20° outside, most I’ve seen is 60kW



But this was an MFG for me ten days ago :man_shrugging:


I had a good experience with MFG yesterday. Peaked at 67kW with an average of 60kW between 30 and 75%. Even a small rise in battery temperature due to warmer weather or a longish journey makes a noticeable difference.


Another one for your delectation. New Stellantis charging curve over old saves 15 minutes in a 10 to 90% charge.



Tempted to be switching to the e-C4, especially with summer coming up (eventually) and a consistently good charge curve like that.

I’m consistently overshooting the time I need to spend on a rapid every time I do a longer distance, anyway :man_shrugging:t2:

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