Charging - a question

Can anyone tell me why when I charge at my local Type 2 station it stops charging at about 80% on the dashboard dial but says that the car is fully charged?? This is on a 208 e-line Many thanks

-Could there possibly be a time limit on the chargepoint you are using?
-Are there any charging timers set on the car?
-Have you tried charging it elsewhere. Does it behave the same way?
-Check comments on Zap Map and Plugshare - Has anyone else reported issues at this location?
-If charging on CCS instead does it let you go above 80?

I don’t think the e-208 has an option to set the charge limit to 80% but I’m sure someone else who has one will confirm. If it does have such an option then you need to make sure this is disabled.

If you’re charging on type 2 AC then the charge point will not know how much charge is in the car. This information doesn’t get sent back so I’m not sure how it can report that the battery is full - It would simply be able to say yes it’s charging or no its not.

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I think it was the 3 hour limit, went back today and topped up! Many thanks


@ET2021 don’t forget to charge on AC to 100% from time to time, so that the BMS can balance the cells. Ideally use the car reasonably quickly after so that the battery pack doesn’t sit at 100% for too long. (The e-208 has a 50kWh battery, but only 45kWh is usable, so an indicated 100% isn’t really the case, so no need to overly worry about this!) You could just precondition, that’ll reduce the SoC without having to go anywhere!

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