Charger installer recommendations


I’m looking to get a home charger installed. Does anyone have recommendations/stories for installers around Birmingham?


@Snufkin I had mine installed From a local team who work on behalf of Octopus Energy. Fairly reasonable price for the charger. £550 all in with £350 gov discount. I have octopus energy at home and get a 5p charging rate for charging the car between 12am and 5.30am. :+1::+1::+1:. It’s worth changing your energy supplier for these deals.
Ecotricity and Octopus charge less money and offer electric car discount and charging rates overnight.


My energy supplier was Octopus and I decided to switch to their tarrif called Octopus Go which gives me 4 hrs of overnight cheap rate of 5p / kWh. Day rate acceptable to me but check your/ other suppliers first. They arranged everything with their supplier for install and provision of charger, install of smart meter and upgrade to the main supply fuse by Network Supplier. All completed with no problems. I have a referral link to get £50 off if you switch to them. 🥸

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Thanks to everyone recommending octopus. I’m already with them! Good to know they install chargers though. I’ll look that up


I had a Pod Point fitted last year. Very good service and getting 6.6kW according to the car when I charge. I also have Octopus Go for the daily 4 hours @ 5p between 00:30 and 04:30.

The Pod Point website quotes £559 fitted with the grant for a tethered fitting or £529 untethered.

Pod Point for myself. Our house is a newish build therefore very straight forward. Total cost was £450

I’d probably recommend not going for Pod Point. I live in a new build and they were pre installed to my development. Worst customer service I’ve experienced, just constant brick walls. Probably go with them if you enjoy hold music quite a lot.

1 Like These look really good from Costco, looks like the installation engineer does the grant application for you as well.