Chargeplace Scotland and Pod point

Hi! Did anyone have any experience using their cards with Chargeplace Scotland? I’ve tried one close to my home and it accepted the Shell card, any idea if it’s true for all Chargeplace Scotland chargers everywhere? Also, do we get charging at Pod Point public charging free? If so which card did you use for it? Thank you

Pod Point is an app only network. If you want to use it you have to use it at your own expense. Even if it’s a free to use location you still need the app with your own account to activate them.

Chargeplace Scotland is also not covered by Onto (yet). You’ll probably find your Shell card doesn’t work in future once the charger realises it’s invalid.

Depending on where you live, Onto’s cards aren’t the most useful thing in the world in parts of Scotland. But if you live around a well populated area there should be at least or or two places covered by your Shell or Instavolt card nearby.


Thank you for your reply. Yeah, that’s what I thought about Chargeplace Scotland but my Shell card keeps working there, that’s why I’m confused. Yeah, there is Shell etc in my city but nothing on the outskirts and especially Highlands, hmm, might actually opt out for a company with cheaper subscription if I have to pay for charging by myself, that was the reason I went with Onto tbh to have free charging and compromising on the choice of vehicle

Whereabouts are you in Scotland?
Will try my shell card in CPS over the weekend lol

I’m in Aberdeen, I’ve been using it at one Chargeplace Scotland charging station only, close to my home, haven’t tried it at any other ones yet though, that’s why I was wondering if anyone knows whether it works everywhere before I venture out to try it at the other ones

AB12 3JG (Shell Recharge Rapid Charger - Shell card)
AB12 3TY (Porsche Centre Rapid Charger - Shell card)
AB15 6LT (Tesco - Free AC Charging)
AB22 8AQ (Bannatyne Health Club Rapid Charger - Instavolt)
Just a few options that do support your Onto cards from a quick look around your general area. There’s also a handful of AC Chargepoints that aren’t on the CPS Network and may support your Shell card too.

It looks like you got lucky and found a CPS Charger that’s offline. It will keep accepting your card until it connects to the server and realises that it’s not a valid card. You shouldn’t expect this to be the case at many other locations though.

You should register for a card of your own through Chargeplace Scotland. It’s pretty much an essential item for travelling in Scotland. Yes you’ll have to pay in most areas now, but the prices tend to be mostly reasonable.


I live 12 miles from the nearest Onto partner charger so used Podpoint at Tesco until they added a tariff for charging on the 1 Nov.

I’ve tried my Shell card at ChargePlace Scotland in the past but it’s never worked. Needed a quick charge this afternoon so tried my Shell card and it worked. I’m wondering now if Swarco and Shell have the raoming agreement in place?

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Got an email saying that in North Lanarkshire they are going to be adding a (as yet undecided) tariff for ChargePace Scotland chargers. I think Glasgow is still, largely, free for CPS but I think it’s inevitable that they (and all council areas) will add a tariff eventually.

I don’t think it’s the end of the world for West of Scotland OnTo’ers. I’ve been using the Subscription included chargers more and more. In particular I enjoy the Harthill service station BP pulse chargers and the Ionity chargers at Polmadie. They are both much faster than CPS and much more reliable. The number of times I’ve not been able to use a rapid charger on ‘my’ Q4 with CPS is ridiculous. Only for someone in a Tesla or EQC to rock up and use the same charger without flaw. Audi blame CPS and CPS blame Audi.

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Stirling is free, my area is .25p per kWh

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