Charge Networks

You can generally use the Shell Card, or the Shell Recharge app with that card registered as the payment card. No need for other companies apps.

Some networks do let you (optionally) do this however. For example I had my OntoShell card attached to the Fastned app as the payment method so I could enable Autocharge.

You just use the relevant card from the three that come with the card (BP, Shell or Instavolt.) So for Osprey, just use the Shell card. The one exception is Ubitricity, where you need to use the register your Shell card on the Shell app and then use that.

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Ok great. Thanks. Was just checking as I’m still a bit frustrated about the CYC charger not taking my BP Pulse card yesterday. First time trying BP and my first EV so it’s all a learning curve.

That’s half the fun of driving an EV. When everything goes perfectly it’s great but…starts to get a little boring :wink:


It’s the unfortunate reality of using BP Pulse… their reliability is worse than most networks, in my experience.

Worth checking on Zap Map to see if other users have recently reported issues at a charge point.

Of course it would be better if you didn’t have to do this…


I did that and it was successful Charge before I navigated there. Even tried my contactless bank card and still wouldn’t start charge. Tried calling and gave up after being on hold 30 mins

Do hope you have some Instavolt, Shell or Ionity chargers near you, as they are more likely to work first time.

On the contrary I’ve never had an issue with any BP chargers and use them more than any locally.

Only ever has one issue with an osprey and called up and had the terminal reset which sorted it straight away


Same 1 but then I’ve only had my car for 2 days :rofl: - I’ve had successful charges at BP Pulse and BP Polar chargers and I’ve saved them into the car now - my closest 100kw charger is a BP Pulse unit I’ve used twice already and it’s been fine both times so far

And that is quite likely at quite a few locations up and down the country. Which is why @MisterOaks needs to try other network chargers in case there is a car issue. Any problems at other networks probably means a car issue.

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All my charges so far have been at Shell, which has worked fine. I stopped at this BP point in West Linton for a quick blast on my way to Edinburgh, which someone else has now reported an issue with the payment terminal. That makes me feel a bit better. I’ve planned in an Ionity stop of the way back home, which is on the Shell card, right, but the one I’m heading too is at a BP Garage :upside_down_face: Hopefully no issues. There are others but I wanna try Ionity out. I’ll try BP again when I’m not in need of a charge just to see if it works. 0 for 1 has put me off a bit.


I don’t think we can use Gridserve yet as they are the same as Ecotricity?

You can use Gridserve, but you will be paying for it yourself.

There are rumors from the CEO that they will do a deal with Onto but there isn’t anything confirmed yet that I know of.


This is super useful to have it sorted like this! Thanks!

The BP Chargemaster website shows the following also are part of their network - I’ll add these on to the list unless anyone knows differently?

  • D2N2
  • ChargeNow
  • CPS - ChargePlaceScotland
  • Evolve
  • Islington

Chargeplace Scotland isn’t a BP Network anymore. It’s under the control of Swarco. Even when it was though you couldn’t use a BP Pulse/Polar card on them. Only the CYC (and associated brands) cards would work with them.

Chargenow was just BP Pulse/Polar but for BMW cars.

D2N2 works yes, but it’s just another regional brand of CYC like many other regions have under their own names. They all show up on their map as a CYC chargepoint so it’s easier to just say CYC on the list than trying to include them all.

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Great answer. Thanks.

Thanks, this is really useful, I had not realised that our cards covered so many of these charge points.

BP Pulse 7kw in Kettering at the pool dont recognise my card - phoned and had a re-boot over 15 mins however remained showing in use at H.O. - he then switched them off and tried again…still ‘invalid card’…
Got a reply within c. 4 mins, but no remote fix

Other local BP CCS usually excellent but can randomly stop charge part way through - 20 mins, 40 mins…

This is really helpful. How did you get this information? I don’t see anything other then BP Pulse, Instavolt and Shell Recharge listed on the ONTO site. Are all the others part of one of these networks?