Changing to a Tesla options

After 3 months of the i3 I’m thinking of upgrading to a Tesla just for supercharger use and those few extra miles of range!
Can I choose the colour? How long is the wait?


There is only a limited number of Model 3s on the fleet. Most are hired out on the legacy tariff, so don’t get handed back very often.

The SR+ are mostly black and are 19 plates. The Performance models are different colours, but are rarely available.

Ask to be put on a waitlist and see what happens. With furlough coming to an end and maybe redundancies unfortunately increasing in the ONTO community, there may be some M3s being handed back.

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Is it wrong to want a brand spanking new one :see_no_evil:
Think I’ve been spoilt with the i3 being brand new.
My husband is looking at the modelX which is double what we pay on the i3 plus our insurance. I’d prefer to stick with as I like the flexibility.

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From what I understand the waitlist is over a year for any Tesla and definitely not a brand new one, I may be wrong though !

Oh that’s a shame. We’ve got a polestar coming next month for an extended test drive. I’d have liked to stay with onto but we’ll see what polestar offer us.

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@Pinky_Ponk Lucky you on Polestar! I haven’t managed to book my test drive yet, I’ll be very interested to see how their subscription model works out.

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