Changing payment date by 1 week

Hey so my wages are changing to a qeek later as from this month and I have changed everything to suit but totally forgot about my car lol

So my renewal date I the 12th of every month and I’d like to change it to the 19th is this possible???

Reading through comments I’m not looking to give car back to change as I have a tesla and want to keep it.

Any help?

Sadly, they have NO system process in place to accommodate a date change and are fixed at 30 days at a time.

The only way is to swap car and pick a better date that suits.

Pretty poop really but it is what it is.

Any chance of this changing in the future @Adam_at_Onto ?


It’s a pain; but I don’t think Onto’s systems are currently flexible enough to cope.

Added to that the pre-auth process ( which is what? 7 days before) and I think this is a main source of annoyance for some.

I think the ideal, for many, is to allocate/dedicate a credit card (preferably one that also racks up some loyalty benefits) and then you might not need to be so concerned about timing, or indeed the possibility of the insurance excess being called upon.

Personally, that’s been my method right from the start. And it’s proved invaluable at swap time too if a deposit of half the first payment is drawn and while setting rewards against swap/delivery too. Life’s too short to be sweating over erratic timings… :man_shrugging::thinking:


Unfortunately I’m not wanting to use our credit card for this type of thing, I’d rather it was there for emergencies.

However I do feel that they need to have flexibility with this I mean what company can’t change a date?

Even if it mean paying the weeks between so like if I paid 1 week upfront to move date.

Surely in this day and age a company can’t say they can’t change a date lol.

The thing is people could start a new job and bang new dates, or people want to change the dates they pay things to suit their needs.

It’s not the greatest thwn to be fair, I don’t want to swap my car for the sake of changing a date to suit my wage, surely they want paid with no hiccups from the customer.

I was all for onto to start with however going forward I feel wee things start to let it down.

Obv you can’t change payment dates
Mileage going down
Prices have risen
I’ve learnt that they aren’t interested in getting your car tyres fixed as soon as possible after speaking to the garage who did do the change, I explained I need the car and really needed the tyre change as I have the kids and I’m always out and about and it kept going flat due to a nail.

Do onto was like ok we will get it asap.

So had to go a day without the car and when I did go to the garage they told me that when onto called them and asked for a date they could do that day and they told them can you book it in for Monday and they questioned this surely the customer needs there car and them booked me in the next day.

However girl on the fone to me said that she would defo get me in ASAP and do her best.

Was raging with them it’s not like they werent going to charge me cos they did and it wasn’t cheap

@Lanie85 @MisterOaks Hey guys! In certain circumstances we’re able to amend payment dates however this will mean paying for the gap between old and new payment dates ontop of your subscription payment.

Due to the nature of our service we’re not able to offer members the option to change payment dates at free will however on a case by case basis to support someone with things such as pay day changes or changes in circumstance this has recently become a possibility.

To do this we would require you to get in touch with us and our contracts team will review the account and do their best to assist

I hope this helps!


Why not use it to pay the OntO bill, and then pay it off straight away,…

I use my credit car for this and also for the S75 protection in case anything happens with OntO, as then I am protected by the CC company.

Not ideal, but not a bad way to do it…

I had a puncture and someone was out within 2 hours to get me on my way, I did have to pay a call out fee, but that was worth not having to wait around…


Is there a certain number u need to call?

OK well I called up and managed to get them to raise the case to change the date, all they asked was why I told them and nothing else all was OK couldn’t have been anymore helpful.

Actually really pleased with that so credit where we credit is due


@Lanie85 You can either call our normal customer service number located in your app and our site, or you can email us at [email protected] and one of the team will look into it for you.


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Hi Dan I just spoke to someone and I got the best service and he is going to put the request through so hopefully it will be confirmed ASAP so I don’t need to stress lol


@Lanie85 ah thats fantastic!

I look after the CS team so any issues please let me know! but rest assured the guys who deal with these requests are some of my most experienced staff so it shouldn’t be an issue!



@Lanie85 Glad to see that we’ve managed to get sorted out for you. As @Dan_at_Onto we are able to do this but not on a large scale (at this time).