Changing car

Hi all,

Just subscribed and awaiting my ZE50 delivery on Tuesday, however as this is my first foray in EVs and I do have a 200 mile commute every so often, I’m thinking of trying out the Kona next month… what’s the deal with changing cars? Is it just a case of phone them and they will schedule the delivery for you when the month is up if the car is available? And is it another £100 in delivery/collection fees?

Thanks so much!

£49.50 to swap. You don’t pay a separate collection and delivery charge to swap since the same driver that brought your new car will take the old one away there and then.

Give them a call during office hours and they’ll speak to you about a swap. As long as the car is in stock at your local depot when you want it they’ll be able to book it for you no problem. You can have it swapped on your renewal date if you want the simplicity, but it can be any time you want and they can arrange pro-rata billing for that.

The ZE50 will be absolutely fine with 200 miles though. I wouldn’t be too worried about that. It’s not quite the Kona but still very capable. You should only need a very short top up at a rapid charger to comfortably drive that far.

The only thing I’d add to Koda’s comprehensive reply would be that you need to wait until you have the car before arranging for another vehicle.

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