Changing car and loosing miles

Like a few people… I can’t justify the extra costs coming in aug but still want to stay electric and continue to be a loyal customer of onto… (have been with them 4 years)
I have an ID3 and due to doing less miles I have 4500+ miles banked…
Anoyingly I will be loosing these when I move over…
Anyone else think this is not fair??

Surely these miles have a value as I have paid for them??

Guessing you’re going from T2 to T1. If you’re doing less miles, hopefully 750 per month will be enough and maybe you’ll be able to continue carrying over mileage to build up a credit in T1.

I think eventually mileage may become portable between tiers once a formula has been worked out. Probably not a priority at the moment.

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I can’t see why credits can’t be rolled down tiers - but the questions been asked many times and ONTO’s stance is a firm no.

I can understand going up the tiers, but never understood down from T2 to T1…


Yes If you built up in a higher tier and your going down, it should automatically be transferrable ( in my opinion)

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Agreed. I had a solid bank of miles built up in the Kona and ID3, which are useless now I’m in the Zoe.

I do wanna try a Mokka. I just have to satisfy my own curiosity on that car. Fairly sure that’s T2 as well, so hopefully the miles reappear as if by magic.

Now, just need to wait for a green one. Seems people only want Green as it’s available every day in literally every colour but green :upside_down_face:


Well obviously it has to be :snake::green_circle:!

It seems to get noticed, too.

Yes, the Mokka is a T2

My previous mileage build up is transferred (and just as well, I’ve somehow done 800 miles in less than ten days! :scream: Getting to really know “The Mambo”).

Clearly, changing Tiers needs either:

a) a good deal of forward planning by the subscriber, or

b) a look by Onto at what their policy achieves and whether it could be better.

I’d happily, for example, consider “proportionate” mileage being transferred, say if I wanted to go “up” a Tier for a few months rather than the headache of trying to manage several tiers…


I predict it will all end in tiers…I mean tears :wink:


Onto are sticking to their guns…
Really frustrating… It feels like I have paid for those miles in my subscription… The fact I have not used them all means they have a one year old car with very low mileage… So surely more value to them…
This is another example of where onto are loosing their grip on customer service and retention…
Anyone have the email address of who is Head of customer service these days…
@Carol_at_Onto if your still VP I would love to have a chat with you.

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@findstevenrobin I understand your frustration but the product does currently work like that, however I have fed back your concerns into the product team who are currently reviewing the whole product and will consider the issues you have raised as part of the next review. We have been discussing rolling up and down tiers for a while and pro rata etc I cannot guarantee any outcome but I want you to be assured this is something we regularly discuss as part of product reviews. The miles you have accumulated do remain for 12 months should yo go back to a tier 2 car during this time, any that are within the 12 month rolling period will then be shown in your allocation


Still waiting 🫠

One available in my area :rofl:


Way to rub it in @Jimmi1 :joy::joy::joy: