Changes to T&C Octopus Go


Always been the case hasn’t it?

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The best thing to do with any emails regarding Go and Go Faster renewals, is ignore them… as per discussions on Octopus Forum.

If you do nothing, you will stay on Go/ Go Faster. If you are lucky you will be renewed at the same prices, but expect to be renewed at the prices that are active then.

Good point. I would be surprised if someone automatically renewing in a month’s time was kicked off the tariff for not having an EV, but that certainly isn’t in my power to promise.


Interesting. I’m currently on Go Faster (2030 start), which ends today.

The email says ‘you will move to Go Faster’, and clicking through the fix on offer is for ~27p.

I’ll do what @burnt_crisps2 suggests - nothing! - and see where I end up. A bit surprised that Octopus isn’t clearer about what will happen.


The emails are a bit naff and confusing, mainly seems to be because these are beta tariffs, rather than mainstream. The 2030 start option for GF has been withdrawn, so it will move to probably 2130 start. Let us know what happens too.
If it goes awry, then email the smart team… [email protected] and ask Phil to resolve.
Plenty of discussions on the Octopus Forum.

I delayed switching from Agile till mid year 2021 and moved to Go, so have another 6 months to wait and see what’s in store price wise.


Seems to have rolled over with my old prices and kept the 2030 start time, which will be an absolute boon if it sticks.

My account was showing two identical tariffs for a while. Current, and what I would move to. Now just shows one, and my latest bill confirms old pricing.

I’ll be over the moon if it stays that way!


Magic. :smiley: Trust it stays that way, but suspect at some point they might bump it to 21:30
If it does let us know.
But just by doing nothing you may manage to stay on that start time for another year. :crossed_fingers:

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This is essentially what happened to me (not on an EV tariff though, as no driveway), with London Power (which is whitelabelled Octopus Energy).

I didn’t deliberately do nothing, just thought that was what I had to do - instead I got put on a new 12mo fixed tariff for nearly the same price as I was on, so I was pretty thrilled :slight_smile:

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UPDATE… just posted on OE forum from AgilePhil….

Hi everyone, I know there’s been a lot of discussion about Go auto-renewals defaulting to the old tariff if you ignore the reminder and speculation as to when when we’d close that.

I’m afraid as of from now on anyone receiving the 45-day renewal email and ignoring it will roll onto the Flexible Octopus tariff.

The renewal email will tell you the current Go tariff and if you want to continue with Go you’ll need to click through. If you ignore the renewal you’ll roll over onto our Flexible Octopus tariff.

Also as the 20.30 start and the 3h versions of Go Faster were ceased a while ago renewal emails will now refer to the standard Go instead but contact us if you’d like a different Go Faster instead.

To repeat: If you ignore a 45-day Go renewal email received from today onwards then you’ll roll over onto the current Flexible Octopus tariff - so please don’t ignore the renewal reminders if you want to stay with Go/Faster.

As always you can reach me directly here in or via [email protected] if you need any help or need your renewal checking.


My smart meters have finally caught up and I am on octopus and I think go is still available. Can anyone advise on the tariff you use and any advice in best setup in terms of where to set the charge (feel free to ping me at an existing guide!)? How to have it recurring with minimum of fuss? Where to set the timer (car or charger). Currently ID.3 and zappi2. I haven’t bothered until now was I have been in a fixed rate and no smart meters due to an anomaly in my area but that’s all fixed now, so time to stop plugging in whenever we feel like it!
Also a further comment. The non cheap rate unit charge seems to be about half as much again on go as it is in standard flexible. Obviously I’ll check with octopus but that isn’t going to work for me if that’s the case anyway.


Hi, I have been using Octopus Go for a year. I have an EO 7kW charger installed by Octopus (partner). I set my EO app to only charge between 00.30 and 04.30 hrs which is the cheap off peak rate of 5p / kWh. This means I can plug in anytime and just forget it because it will not charge until the specified cheap period. If needed I can override using the app anytime. I find this more flexible than using the Renault on-board feature.
I only plug in after using a fast charger to 80% to maximise cost savings from ONTO👴


Octopus Go, Go Faster (along with Agile and the new Intelligent) tariffs are all available, but Go and Go Faster make most sense for a lot of people.
Go is dead easy to get switched to as it’s available via a direct online link.
Go Faster you need to request this from the smart team.

In order to use the overnight Go 4hr cheap period, it’s now 7.5p/kWh (new rates now so not the 5p it used to be), all you need to do is set this up in the online myenergy account page and basically it’s fit and forget after that. Just plug in the car to the Zappi each evening if required and it will put ~29kW into the battery. No need to set anything up in the car.

Whether Go is the tariff for you depends on your usage when it’s not 00:30hrs. to 04:30hrs. and the rate is now ~30p/kWh depending on area and 25p/day sc.

You can switch here…


Go faster is a no brainer TBH (I got 4h from 2030 @5p) but when the dreaded renewal comes, I’ll be changing it to (5h from 2130 @ 8.25) rather than 3h for 7.5 - the Kona really does take much longer to charge, but mainly because of the bigger battery.

It’ll be a sad day to see the old go faster tariff go, but it’s still the best deal out there at the moment.

Also worth noting that the 2030 and 2100 start times have been axed completely for the foreseeable :frowning:


Thanks to all for the replies. I need to check the saving for me as I think as in Go the standard rate is 10p more than the normal flex rate and I work from home to I am nailing electricity all day. Thankfully I have been on the smart meter for a couple of months so I guess I need to download the data and see what I am really using…. Thanks for the info.


In which case if you haven’t already, join the octopus forum, but also use Guy Lipman’s brilliant tools. He’s so good he now actually works for Octopus too, so has good insight before and since his joining.

Also look at OctopusCompare app as you can see the difference between tariffs visually etc.


Thanks BC. Much appreciate the steer as always, will join up and thanks for the link.
Those tools and auto data import are amazing!

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