Changes to our mobile app

Hi everyone! We are slightly changing our app this Thursday, and you will be able to see our new Onto logo and name on it. However, the functionality won’t change. You will still be able to lock/unlock your car and do everything as usual.

The name of the app will change from ‘Evezy - Onto’ to ‘Onto - Evezy’ on iOS and from ‘Evezy/Onto’ to ‘Onto/Evezy’ on Android.

Take a look at a few screenshots below.



If you have any questions, please let us know!

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@Lily_at_Onto. I don’t seem to have access to the features menu anymore is this part of the changeover?

@Lily_at_Onto is there any update on the handsfree locking and unlocking?

Hi @findstevenrobin, no update yet but will keep you posted!

@gt6k , just looked into it and you can’t use the features menu because you swapped your car. Only Tesla vehicles have that menu available :slight_smile:

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@Lily_at_Onto. I don’t swap the car until the start of next month.

Do you want to hang on to the hands free gizmo or return it with the car.

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