Celebrating Earth Day for a sustainable future

Today is Earth Day and we thought it would be a great time to shine a bit of light on how electric cars are playing a part in helping us create a sustainable relationship with the planet.

This year’s Earth Day theme is ‘invest in our planet’ and it’s all about adapting the way we do things so we’re thinking about our impact on the planet. Earth Day’s website gives 52 great ways to invest in your planet, and of course there are plenty more out there.

By choosing greener pastures like switching to an EV, you’re making a positive difference. Our latest blog shows you how the switch to sustainable mobility reduces your environmental impact and how the Onto community is playing their part.

Check it out here and comment below with what you’re doing this Earth Day that might inspire others to invest in the planet too!



Did my Apple Fitness+ Walk today for a badge! :joy:

But taken the opportunity to do a non-polluting trip to the New Forest today! (There may have been ice cream involved in order to support local business there) I used to live at various places around the outside of the Forest and have only ever been into it polluting madly!