Car washing

Just got the ID.3 today. Seeing as it has already got dirty (being white thats expected) is it generally advisable to take it to a shell car wash (The automatic ones) or do people tend to avoid doing that? we have no reputable locations around here and found previously the shell car wash machine does a good job.

I did it with our i3 when we were travelling and she got filthy on the trip from all the bugs, and could barely see out the windows. I removed the beesting antenna (consulted the manual which said this was recommended) and aside from it looking like it might tear the windscreen wipers off when it was going over those areas it was all fine no worries.

At home, I’ve got some buckets, some carwash, a sponge and a chamois and that does a decent job :smiley:


I tend to just use DIY jet wash places - and have occasionally taken along a wash mitt to help lift off any stubborn dirt.