Car tiers table

Hi gang. Can someone point me in the direction of the vehicle tiers table?

I’ve amounted around 3k miles with my DS (primarily due to it’s range🤣) and want to book something where I can utilise them.

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Looking at availability right now, the only thing you could probably swap into would be the LEAF.

The real world range is probably only a little better than the DS3, but it’s both more reliable and predictable. Rapid charge speeds will be slower but it does use the more reliable Chademo connection.

If range is the big thing you want though, it may be worth hanging on for a Kona to become available where you are.

Presumably the Id.3 will be placed in tier 2 when it’s expected to join the fleet soon. You could wait for one of those or jump on a returned vehicle once they start to become available.


Just remember if you’re doing that, you won’t be able to swap into one of the new additions to the fleet until mid-June, or if waiting for returned stock following other people swapping into these new cars then it will probably be late June or early July by the time they are checked, repaired and made available again.

We are only at the very start of May right now, so it depends just how desperate you are to escape the DS3.